Roon and/or WiiM Pro

Roon started out as a kind of High-end Itunes, for the folks with large libraries and related management needs, adding a High-end High-res Airplay, for the audiophile folks which wanted to work via wifi and/or multiple room needs, and finally became a High-end High-res streaming service indirectly via Qobuz (in a certain sense the Qobuz Connect which Qobuz never released), with integrated library management and search functions. For all three purposes it was the only viable software around, because the streaming apps of the various Hifi hardware producers were and are non-competitive.

However, with the emergence of the WiiM Pro this has radically changed. For a fraction of the price of a Roon set-up you can now have a bit-perfect high-res streamer together with arguably the best non-Roon app on the Iphone and multi-room capabilities. If you ignore the incorporated Dac, it is basically the streamer all audiophiles always wanted.

That only leaves Roon as the best library management system around, although even there the WiiM allows for certain things which Roon does not, and in particular DLNA playback via Folder browsing, and direct playback of your local libraries on the Iphone/Ipad via their app.

The Qobuz PC app’s management and search functions for Classical and Jazz music work perfectly well for experienced listeners, i.e., people who see the cover of an album and know more or less whether it is interesting and/or important, when it has been recorded, etc… Mixing up classical with rock in your Qobuz library is a complete mess though, because of the different tagging system (as btw in the other streaming services).

If you are newer or less specialized regarding this hobby, then Roon gives still perfect sense for the search and sort functions and the slickest user interface around. As a matter of fact, the WiiM Pro is roon-ready for this purpose and handsomely replaces all the usual old computers as roon ready endpoints.

Unfortunately, Roon has become very expensive just for the library management and search function. The WiiM Pro might eventually turn out to be the beginning of the end for Roon. Which would be a pity for such an excellent and pathbreaking product, but I am sure they come up with something new.

Or am I missing something here?


My son drives a Toyota, my wife drives a Mercedes and I drive a Jaguar, occasionally we all make a journey to the same destination; we all arrive approximately at the agreed time and sometimes we transport each other.

However, we are quite settled in our choices; all are at different price points and each car does things slightly differently.

Should we all drive BMW’s?


@Glimmer is correct :+1:

Another way to add to that is.

A good sized family car might be overkill if it’s only for you and you carry a small bag.

A good sized family car with large families and a dog might cause the car to struggle to go up hills.


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ALL MUSE? (with exception of the equalizer function)

Well the fact it relies on another UPnP server to manage your music is big turnoff as they are all awful from my experience and require too much manual maintenance of your library.

Apps using Qobuz API have all seemed to have limitations from my experience and slow right down with large libraries, Roon doesn’t suffer this. It’s also easier to find the version you want from my experience.

Roons approach is far easier to manage for a large library of both local and streaming . If you want folder browsing in any shape or form then Roon really isn’t for you to start with. In this day and age it’s just so unnecessary.

I also can have a mixed eco system not sticking to one manufacturer for gear. Wiim is still fairly new on the block with not a big track record established, will their kit last longer than a few years? Not much in them so possibly will but it’s all unknowns at the moment. Time will tell I suppose.

Having tried native apps now and a number of platforms none have held a candle to Roon. I will be getting a Pro Plus at some point so will be able to see if this is as good as you make it. But it won’t replace Roon for me.


I can’t help but feel that this is comparing apples to oranges.

Roon is a software solution. As it evolves, you might need to update you core at some point, but my understanding is that Roon Ready endpoints will remain usable.

Wiim Pro is a hardware based solution. The speeds at which new features and new models are being rolled out is quite impressively but I do wonder how long it will take before current models will be considered outdated.


I don’t think you’re missing anything. I find tremendous value in Roon well beyond how the WiiM software works. For others, if WiiM works for you then use it. It sounds like, because you’re not missing anything, then the parts of Roon you use can easily be replaced by WiiM and native apps. No reason to bother yourself with Roon expense and maintenance any longer.

Or were you looking for a better understanding of why, as one user already stated, you’re trying to compare different kinds of fruit?

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A good analogy, but I would add more , both Toyota and Mercedes are hardware. You need a good and reliable software eg. good and efficiency battery (miles/kW)

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I’m hugely impressed by WiiM overall but - and I think this might just be the tip of the iceberg - the app experience, while improving, is not excellent.

Roon has a level of polish that is very much part of what makes it a worthwhile product.

WiiM offers me low cost Roon Ready endpoints and integrates well with Alexa and Google for non-Roon audio (radio, audiobooks, podcasts). The app, however, feels like pre- Material Design Android. That is not a compliment.


I’m using WiimPro on one system and I must admit I felt that Roon was a bit pricey but after watching Roon Music Software - 10 Things You Don’t Know, Chris Barker, I am very glad I’ve got it. I’ve found his guidance on using the Parametric EQ has transformed the way my Phantom 1 speaker performs.

I have only Wiim mini. But I don’t think I could ever give up Roon. I have even an auralic aries that has a Lightning DS software, which is good, but it’s not Roon. Roon is truly a necessity at this point.

Hmmmm I have 3 WiiM Pro’s, never even looked at their software, just drive them from Roon with convolution filter set up for room correction on main system, and second system waiting for me to take the short time it takes to use HouseCurve to generate another one.

Instant choice once Roon support was announced.


And we rent a car with whatever choice is given

WiiM = no DSD, no MQA, and for me the missing XLR output is sad. But the price is right.

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For me, the key issue is this: does your PEQ/Convolution provider support all streams that hit your speakers?

Wiim’s PEQ is limited, but applies to anyone who streams through the Wiim using Chromecast, Airplay 2, etc. So, whatever content is played directly from a non-Roon app (e.g. TuneIn, podcast app X, Apple, Amazon, Spotify, YouTube, etc.) still gets the DSP.

Roon’s filters are awesome, but only matter when you play through the Roon app…

So, I’m likely to use Wiim Pro for the direct wired streaming support, CamillaDSP on Rpi for all my DSP needs, a cheap DAC with balanced output, and a nice amp… on all the rooms that matter for quality music listening. For lesser rooms without major sound quality problems will probably be just Wiim Pro Plus straight to an amp.

Looks like MQA is in beta. I assume a software first unfold is engaged in the WiiM when using TIDAL Connect, but I’ve not tried it.

However, I have verified that the WiiM Pro can pass MQA signaling to an external DAC. I’m using the SMSL D-6s, and all of the right indicators on the DAC light up when the WiiM Pro is sending it various MQA formats.

I can confirm that the WiiM does not support DSD64 via DoP. That’s kind-of a bummer, but this is a rather fringe format. Roon automatically converts to 32-bits, 176.4 kHz. Sounds fine.

Yes this is the Wiims advantage and it works for external sources plugged into it to. I use my Pro Plus in my other room setup which has the 2nd tv into it as well as Roon so does eq for both. The ADC isn’t bad either was quite impressed when I tried it.

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Very late and probably daft question. About to purchase WiimPro as a means of overcoming the shortcoming that my McIntosh C50 preamp does not have bluetooth and I am physically tied to it via a usb cable from the roon laptop. What does it mean that Wiim ins Roon-ready? How will this certification help me?

Roon ready means that ii can be connected to the network and roon will see it and play to it.