Roon and SOtM SMS 200 Ultra - volume control

Hi all,

I use Kii three loudspeaker fed digitally by a SOtM SMS 200 Ultra as a Roon-Endpoint.

Volume-Control is via Kii control.

So everything workes fine – but – the Roon volume control does not work. I have to use the Kii control for volume control. Is there a way to use the Roon volume control?


Sorry form my awfull english

In Roon Device Settings, what setting do you have for Volume Control? Likewise, what volume setting do you have for the SOtM Roon Ready Settings?

Ideally, please share some Screenshots.

Hi Martin,
thank you for your quick reply.
At the moment I am aut of my home. I hope I can send some screenshots tomorrow.

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So – is this the way to go?

Software or device controls (what does it mean?).
„Software“ works, but isn´t it a double control? One in the kii three and one in ROON? Isn´t it an corce of quality loss?


I’d try Device Volume first, but you’ll also need to setup Roon too. Under Device Settings, Volume Control also set for device volume.

Hello @Christoph_Eichenseer,

The Kii Three with Kii Control does not support USB volume control, so there is no way to change the device’s real volume using Roon’s built in controls.

Roon’s DSP Volume (Software Volume in the sMS-200 settings) uses a high quality 64bit precision attenuation with dithering to the device’s native USB bit rate. While it is technically inferior to the device’s built in volume control, you may find that it sounds very good!


Hi John,
thank you die the information!

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