Roon and Squeezebox [Solved]

Maybe I’m too quick - impatient to get Roon up and running. Roon hasn’t completed its scan of my 163,585 tracks, so maybe things will resolve after that. I can listen to Roon over my computer’s speakers, and in my family room where I have an AV receiver with AirPlay. No problem. But the four zones with Squeezebox endpoints - none of them work. I shut down LMS server, and Roon then was able to “find” the Squeezebox endpoints (two Touch, one Radio, and one Boom). But when trying to play anything to any of these endpoints Roon will queue up the song but it will not play. Instead, after a five to ten second pause, it will cycle to the next song (which also will not play, but will cycle on to the next song, etc.).

I would suggest rebooting everything with lms OFF and then try it again.

I always setup a small subset of music to test against. I would suggest copying 3 albums to a directory and just using that while getting everything setup.

And if that doesn’t work there are several examples where factory resets of the SBs have caused them to spring into life with Roon.

We need a bragger’s club - so far @Ronald_Lyster is in the lead. I’m a slouch at 55,000 tracks.

Thank you, everyone. I’ll let Roon finish adding and identifying the music, then will reboot and try again.

This worked! Thank you.