Roon and the Auralic Aries

Yes. I had an Aries but recently sold it. In the Lightning DS app there is a switch to toggle on Roon Ready. When on then any signal from Roon will play no matter what other input is selected.

You can connect to multiple DACs through the Aries using the AES/EBU, Coaxial and Toslink outputs but not USB. There is a toggle to select the USB output which excludes the others.

Thanks for that - one more question if I may - how would I turn Roon on when I can’t use Lightening DS? would I need to download the app onto a friend iPhone then turn it on? or is there another method?

I sense an iPad or iPhone in your future. SFAIK Lightning DS is the only way to toggle on Roon Ready in the Aries. Sometimes when rebooting the Aries the toggle reverts to the default off and needs to be switched back to on. So unless you are going to borrow your friend’s iPhone every time you switch the Aries off and on, you’ll want your own. The spec requirements are less than Roon (doesn’t need OpenGL) but you might as well get a device that can run both. Check out the second hand market.

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@Stephen_Wilson you might be able to get an inexpensive used iPod Touch refurbished or off eBay.

Lightning DS runs on an iPod Touch ?

An iPod Touch runs iOS just like a phone or iPad, it just doesn’t have the phone part. Worth looking into, I think.

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Sorry to dig up an old thread, but I’m having a couple of issues with my Auralic Aries and Roon, and I’d like to check if others are experiencing the same thing.

The first issue: I normally leave my Aries switch on (full on, not in standby) all the time. However Roon cannot seem to connect to the Aries each day unless I reboot it. Once rebooted everything is fine, and Roon can use the Aries. Then the next day, it can’t connect again, and I need to reboot the Aries. Anyone else having this issue?

The second issue: If I use upsampling in Roon to DSD, I can’t seem to go above DSD128 with the Aries. I was under the impression if could handle DSD256, but if I get Roon to upsample to that, all I get through the speakers is static. Any ideas?

Mine was always losing network connectivity which required a reboot of the device to fix, which is why I returned it for a refund. Seems to be a very common issue with the Altair.


I leave my Aries on too. Only occasionally a connection issue occurs. I suspect network issue or auto firmware upgrade as the cause for that.
Regarding the dsd, i supose your have checked the capabilities of your DAC/Amp?
My TDAI2170 is limited to DSD128.

Hi, sorry if this has been covered, it’s a long thread. I’d be grateful if someone chimes in.
I’m running Roon via a Windows laptop to a Benchmark DAC, library on a networked Wester Digital NAS and use an iPad Pro as a remote control for Roon.
I’m looking at an Auralic Aries streamer to replace the laptop as the digital source, so the question is if I can eliminate the Laptop from the chain by running Roon from the iPad Pro.
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Roon core cannot run on an iPad. The Aries can function as a Roon endpoint so you still need Roon core on something. You can eliminate Roon and use Lightning Server on the Aries to play your music from the NAS. Basically, if you still plan to use Roon, the Aries cannot replace you’re laptop.

Robert is correct, you will still need a decent PC of some sorts, even though an Aries is an excellent streamer (i have three).
Have you had a look at the Roon ROCK solution? It requires an Intel NUC with some memory and a hard drive (i just picket a used one up for around 150$\£\€)and a few minutes of preparation. When finished it will be your Roon Server and won’t need much more attention than some watts from the power grid.

Have a look here:

Robert, Mikael,

Of course, silly me. Thank you for the replies, still I’m looking forward to getting the noisy laptop out of my music area.

With regards to NUC, is there a step by step? I understand it would be over a Unix OS, no experience there.

Happy weekend!

Hi Javier,
actually there is no particular skill set needed. The KB lists the necessary steps just fine, and should you run into any issues, just ask here on the forum.

And, one of the biggest advantages is that once loaded with ROCK, the NUC becomes an “appliance” and all you will ever see of it, is via it’s GUI webpage and of course the configuration parts of Roon. So the fact that it runs a Linux port as backbone is invisible.

Hi folks, I’m new here so please forgive me if this topic has already been covered or is common knowledge.

I have new Buchardt A700’s connected via WiSA hub with digital sources (Tidal and local FLACs) streamed through either LighteningDS (the Auralic platform) or Roon (via Nucleas Plus) with my new Auralic Aries G2.1. I’m loving the combination of A700’s and the Aries G2.1

Roon vs LighteningDS streaming sound VERY different to my (middle aged!) ears. Not necessarily better / worse, just different. LighteningDS sounds brighter and clearer on many tracks. Roon is a little more balanced and warmer.

Has anyone experimented with the two platforms? Keen to learn about others experiences.

Many thanks

I’d post in a new topic as very few people will see your post tagged on to the end of an old thread.

Ah. OK. Thanks very much.

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