Roon Android 10 remote not finding Core

Core machine is a Pentium 4 Extreme, 8 G ram, WD 1Tb SSD, Windows 10 Pro

Bell Home 3000 with both wired and wireless access.

Windows 10 Pro 16G ram I9 processor hard wired. LG V60 Android 10 running as remote.

Just updated my phone to LG V60 (Android 10) from an LG V30 (Android 9). My problem is with this new phone Roon cannot find the core unless I go to the core’s settings and toggle “Accept connections from remotes” . Core is found and works as it should, however, if I close the Roon remote app on the phone and re-open the Roon app on the phone it reports that it can’t find the core! Search for new core and direct IP do not find the core, but if I physically go back to my core and toggle “allow remote connections” the app finds the core!! My old V30 (Android 9) finds the core every time! The new phone still shows up in the Audio section of the Roon Core and the I9 computer and I can play music to the phone from both the Core device and my I9 computer, but all I get on the phone is a window on the phone which enables basic Metadata and the ability to pause/play/track advance but the app itself still says unable to find CORE!! The phone is obviously “on the network” or it would not accept direction or playback commands from the other 2 devices.
I have uninstalled and re-installed Roon on all 3 devices with no change in the Android 10 phone Roon remote app. Roon software is up to date on all units.
My old Android 9 phone works perfectly!! Very frustrated!!!

I remember having the same issue and finding this in another thread

Click on the “Help” button that appears after 60 seconds on the “Choose your Core” screen, are you able to manually specify the IP address of you Core and perform a manual connection?

It’s the fixed IP address that helps solve the problem as it doesn’t have to go looking for it.
I have never had a problem with a phone after making this change

I hope this helps



Hi Michael,
Thanks for the feedback. I tried the IP address but no luck-toggling the allow remote control access on the core unit settings lets the remote “see” the core but only temporarily. If the Roon app is closed on the phone and reopened the core again can’t be found!

I have similar problem. But lately, I think I found a solution. I switch my mobile wifi access to 2.4GHz AP, and it works OK. Give it a try.

Greg I will try and test on my wife’s phone later today as she has Android 10 (mine is now on 11) and see if I can reproduce the issues.

There should be no issue with 2.4 or 5g for WiFi but I hear it so many times that I no longer discount it.


Hi Mike,
Solved the issue! Ran a sfc.exe on the Core unit and it found corrupted files, rebooted and the remote now connects to Core. Although weird that older Android 9 connected even with the file corruption in the core unit! Life’s great mysteries! Thanks again for your help. Cheers.

Greg good news and glad it’s all working again.
Though that is strange, though the networking stack on Android 10 did change significantly.

Enjoy the music over the weekend



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