Roon Android App Change?

I am loving the latest version of Roon! It has introduced me to so much new music! Today I used my Roon Android remote app for the first time in a while and noticed I am no longer able to adjust the dsp filter settings. I can only turn the filters on or off now. Am I missing something? Wondering if this change was intentional or accidental due to the recent updates. Thanks.

If you’re using an Android device which only supports portrait mode, then there never was access to any DSP filter specifics, you could always just select presets or turn on/off filters.

I am using the same Android device that used to allow me to make changes.

Then please give more information to work with, like make/model/version…

I am using a Samsung Galaxy Tab A tablet. Model number SM-T580 running Roon version 1.8 (build 783) and using Roon core version 1.8 (build 790) on my PC.