Roon Android app having trouble connecting to Nucleus Core

Hi, I have Roon running on Huawei P20 Pro phone and it has a very hard time connecting to Nucleus Core.

EVERY time I start the app it’s struggling to connect. Sometimes it succeeds after a long time, sometimes it seems to help if I switch the phone WIFI connection to my network via a different band (2.4 GHz., 5GHz-1, 5GHz-2).

I also have Roon running on a PC and on a laptop and those two apps connect instantly all the time.

All three apps are on the same network as the Nucleus.

My router is an Archer C4000 (Tri Band).

This problem is extremely annoying since my phone is my most convenient device to use for running Roon.

Hello @Jean-Francois_Lussie, and welcome to the community! Do you have better luck entering the IP address of the core manually into the phone? There may also be a lot of Wifi traffic in your area, which would explain why switching wifi bands would help.

Hi Nurwiy,

thanks for the reply.

The Roon app on my Android phone is already connected to the Nucleus via the IP address, I’m pretty sure of that anyways. Please let me know how I can check that 100% as I don’t recall all the configs and manipulations I have done since I have a Nucleus and Roon. Whenever the phone manages to connect to the Nucleus, I see the IP, but I’m not sure it it was entered manually or just detected. I’m pretty sure I had entered it manually after encountering problems, but I don’t know how to check that.

As for busy Wifi in my house, I fail to see how it would affect my fairly recent Android phone to an extremely high degree (almost every time) and not affect my fairly recent laptop at all, ever.

Both devices connect to the Nucleus via Wifi and the laptop connects instantly every time.

I also have Roon on a desktop computer that connects every time but that one is wired.

Hello @Jean-Francois_Lussie, I wanted to confirm that IGMP proxy is enabled for your router.

Hi, no, it wasn’t enabled.

I just enabled it but so far it doesn’t appear to be helping.

I have to choose between IGMP Version 2 and version 3. Which should I choose?

Should I enable IGMP snooping also?

Wireless Multicast Forwarding is enable. Is that OK?


Hello @Jean-Francois_Lussie, go ahead and try version 3, and yes please enable IGMP snooping. Let me know if things change!

Hi nuwriy,

a little update on this issue : it wasn’t resolved following your last suggestion, but it seems to have disappeared with the arrival of Roon1.8

Since the upgrade, connection to the Nucleus is instant and reliable.

The is a remaining issue, but it is minor compared to the major annoyance of past connection problems : twice since the upgrade, Roon got stuck at the black screen with the Roon logo upon starting the application on my Android phone. Stopping the app and restarting it resolved the issue both times. Of course, It may be completely unrelated to the past problem.

Thanks for the follow up, @Jean-Francois_Lussie!

I’m glad that things with the Nucleus are much better!

Regarding the Android issue, can you create a new post here in #support giving some details on the device and share some screenshots of what you’re seeing? We’ll take a look and help get it sorted!