Roon Android do not find Bluesound Node 2

Bluesound Node 2

Hello I am trying Roon with my hifi system that includes: Bluesound Node 2 connected to the dac (by coax) of Yba CD player Cd100 Heritage. The Node 2 is hardwired to WiFi router Tp-Link Archer C3150 (with firewall on) that is hardwired to Inteno g301 router (no firewall). The Node 2 streams music from Tidal to hifi and works OK.
The problem is Roon Remote android cannot find the Node 2.
Thx for any info.

Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet)

The Node 2 is hardwired to WiFi router Tp-Link Archer C3150 (with firewall on) that is hardwired to Inteno g301 router (no firewall)

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

my hifi system includes: Bluesound Node 2 connected to the dac (by coax) of Yba CD player Cd100 Heritage

Description Of Issue

The problem is Roon Remote android cannot find the Node 2

First off is the node 2 your only endpoint in your setup? If so ensure that the device running the remote app is on the same network and subnet as your Roon core and the Bluesound.

An easy check is to check each devices IP address they should have the same identical first 3 numbers and a unique 4th.

You seem to have two routers by your post so likely you are running two DHCP servers and they are running on different networks this seems the likely problem. Roon does not traverse different networks. You should only have one router in a network controlling DHCP.

Thx for info.
Yes the Node 2 is the only endpoint in my system.
This means that if I wire the Node 2 to Inteno that is the first router Roon should pass through it and read the Node 2.
The reason why I have the second wireless router is the poor and unstable wireless of the first one.
Than I try and let you know about.

Hello, I rewired the Node 2 to the main router and connected by wireless to it as well my tablet so i can have Roon Remote over same network of Node 2.
The result is unfortunately the same. Roon Remote do not find the Node 2 and even if I input the IP it does not find it.
I even unlock some ports 9003 and 9100-9300 as i found in the community but no improvment.
At this point I am stuck.
Can you suggest me anything?
May be have a new single main router?
Best regards,

Hello again.
One simple question: is it enough to get Node 2 and Roon Remote on my tablet


i need too Roon Core installed in a pc/mac/synology?

Waiting your kind feedback.


You need Roon core software running for Roon to work. This can be on a pc , windows,Mac or linux. Some Nas devices can run it but are generally underpowered to get the most out of it especially for large libraries and multiple endpoints or It you can run on dedicated audio server hardware.

You cant use Roon to a Bluesound device or anything else with out a core running it’s a server / client system.

Hi @Lorenzo_Bozzoli,

You would need to install the Roon Core on a PC first to be able to communicate with the Node. You can download the Roon app from our Downloads Page and install it. Some other useful links are as follows (they are click-able): Roon Architecture & Roon Audio Basics & Roon Getting Started.

Dear Sirs i am deceived by your commercial approach.
Your are not transparent company toward your clients.
To get a working system you need Roon Core installed in a computer always on when you want to handle Roon by your tablet/smartphone and connect with a Roon “Ready” player in the same network.
So you need:
1 - a pc/mac always on when you listen at your streaming Tidal music.
2 - a tablet or a smartphone to handle freely the system.
3 - a device Roon Ready like the Blousound Node 2 i have already.
4 - a specifically configured domestic internet network
This cannot be found and easily understood by the clients interested in your service.
For what concern me the motto i prefer is “efficacy toward efficiency”.
Keep things simple assure this concept.
And it looks like this concept do not match at all with your vision.
Remember that the final aim of your offer is to listen to music. Not to become a network system manager or to enjoy your service at the place of the music listening.
Thanks for the testing anyway.
When you will have a solution that do not rely on a piece of hardware to be always on when I want to use your Roon service than let me know.
Best regards,
Lorenzo Bozzoli

Hello @Lorenzo_Bozzoli,

Thank you for the feedback here. Having a Core as part of a Roon setup has always been the case since the inception of Roon, and this kind of architecture allows the PC to handle the audio processing and library management.

Using a Core + Endpoint might be a bit different than the apps you’ve previously used to communicate directly with the DAC, but we believe that using this kind of architecture provides great benefits, for both the audio quality and for supporting multi-room streaming abilities as noted in our Roon Architecture Documentation.

If you don’t feel that a Core + Endpoint setup is for you, then sorry to hear that. If you wish to revisit Roon at any point in the future and want to request another trial, please feel free to open a new thread on the forum and flag down @support or @accounts and we can set that up for you again.

Thanks and hope you have a pleasant rest of your day!

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