Roon Android Lollipop/Nougat Remote App has multiple graphical corruptions in the GUI

These graphical corruptions appear as either a static horizontal line directly above the app.
They appears as a visible corruption on the right side of the album art view.
They appear adjacent to the right of the time remaining or other text fields and always at the far right edge of the screen.

This is a recurrent problem, it’s duplicated on 2 Android devices, both new. One is an LG v20 running Nougat. The other is a Samsung smartphone with an explosive personality running lollipop.

It may not be obvious by these screen shots because of the light background, but open them on a dark background and focus on either the top edge or right edge and you faintly see the corruption. They are clearly observable on my phone, but they are somewhat lost in translation during the image compression and upload to the forums.

I can’t believe no one replied to this or is having the same issue. I have this issue with my Samsung S7.

If you click on the image to enlarge and then click again to expand these “graphical corruptions” are clearly visible. It is embarrassing to show this crappy app to people after telling them how great but expensive Roon is. Did you find a solution to this?

No, they simply ignore it and do nothing about it.