Roon Api on Build 880: Connection refused error :(

Roon Core Machine

macOS Monterey 12.1, Apple iMac 2017 4.2 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7, 48GB Ram

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Unifi Ubiquiti switches over Ethernet

Connected Audio Devices

Various Bluesound devices and directly attached powered speakers to the iMAc

Number of Tracks in Library

20,000 Tracks

Description of Issue

I am accessing the Roon Api from a plugin running on the Indigo Home Automation system. It was working pefectly yesterday. However, after updating to Roon version 1.8 (Build 880) Stable, I am now getting a Connection refused error when I try and connect to the Roon core at Port:9100 either from the plugin running on the same iMac or from my macMini on the same network.

I see reference in other posts to ports 9330-9332 and have tried those instead of 9100 with no success. I have also turned off the firewall to double check.

Has the API been changed?

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same issue here

The port number is not (and was never) a fixed quantity, and Roon API extensions were never intended to hard-code it.

It has always been assigned out of a range, where we look for the first available port. 9100 was the first port in that range, so on many machines, Roon would use 9100, but there are many people who have been using 9101 or 9102, and quite a few users who ping-pong around based on the order that various software starts up.

We moved the port range because we became aware of several pieces of software that are inflexibly tied to 9100, and due to implementation errors in that software, they would sometimes result in conflicts.

For Roon API extensions, the correct approach is to use the discovery protocol to discover the Roon Core and the correct port, as exemplified in our SDKs, for example GitHub - RoonLabs/node-roon-api: Javascript Roon API .


OK - Thanks for the quick reply and the guidance. Appreciated. :grinning:

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So users must wrestle with finding which ports to open from time to time… without notice?
Like many, I spent much of this morning checking my system only to find that the ports changed.
Actually, still having problems with my Chromecast audio devices.


If this broke for you, it’s because the extension was relying on undocumented behavior. Whenever someone does something like this, they create risk of things breaking in the future. I’m sorry that it happened to you, but your quarrel should be with the extension author, not with us.

Any extension broken by this change was already broken for some users, since even before this change the port assignments were dynamic and not every user was using port 9100, as I explained above.

If we were making a change to the sanctioned method of discovering Roon Cores there would have been plenty of notice and a long period of backwards compatibility, but that’s not what happened here.

Where are these ports and how do you change them?

Your operator system’s firewall -for those that use a PC as the core.

I don’t. I’m using a QNAP NAS

Have qfirewall running?

Yes and I’ve already tried turning it off. No change.

I don’t think I’m having an issue with a refused connection. I did immediately after the update but I reinstalled the core app on my NAS and restored the database from a backup. The restore appeared to progress normally but after I relauched the remote as prompted, I got this:

After that restore, there are 6472 files in the NAS’s Roon_Server folder and the audio folders are all where they should be but nothing shows up. According to Roon, my library’s empty and I can’t play a thing.

While tinkering around looking at implementing discovery, I “discovered” that the default port (on my setup) is 9300. So I changed the port number from 9100 to 9300 and voilà it works (after re-authorisation in Roon). So I have done a tempoarary work-around fix to my Indigo plugin while I investigate the best way to implement discovery in my plugin. Takes the immediate pressure off. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Changing the port number is very stupid in my opinion, they do not thing about people that have a dedicated display configuration that start a browser automatically at system boot in kiosk mode, like the one of mine!!

So you are telling me the port can change often??? Great!!!

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Hard-coding port numbers is a bad idea. Use the discovery method as pointed out by Brian in the post above in this thread:


I’ve not yet heard of any application that uses a random incoming port, or chances without any prior notification.
How do you manage your network security of you don’t know what the destination port is server-side?
I have several applications running and they ALL use fixed incoming ports.


I agree, let advanced user to configure the port will be the best

Agreed… at least give your customer base a notice. How hard can it be? I’m almost convinced that the roon isn’t for me.

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there are no valid reason to change the port in any case if there is no other application using that port on the Roon Server


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