Roon App filling Up my SSD

MacbooK Pro 120 Gig OWC SSD running 10.11.4 My Roon App has swollen to 118 Gig and I need to move it to my 6 TB external HD and launch from my Dock and run it from that location. When I used Itunes, my library was pointed at that location (and still is I beleive) so its the HD DL that have my Roon app sosx large I think.

I’m sure there is a way to do this, but looking through the forums I cannot find one.

Seeking a solution.



That doesn’t seem right at all, I don’t think the solution is to try and move the database.
My database folder is about 1.5GB, that’s for about 25k of tracks.

Hi James,

I’m moving this thread to Support.

Are you using an Organized or Watched folder(s)? Where is it located. Check using Settings > Storage.

You will just have to move your music collection, not the Roon library or app.

Let us know.

Cheers, Greg

Hi Greg,

2 Watched folders. Itunes library is on the Pegasus external. Music folder is on the Macbook Pro SSD.



Hi Jim,

So, I assume your watched folder on the ssd is the one you’re putting music into now. If so, you can move it to the external HD.

Check this out and make sure you’re backup up.

How Do I Move My Music Collection

Cheers, Greg

HI Greg,


I’ve backed up my DB and am ready move my music collection and have a question? The music folder can be moved by dropping and dragging the folder to the external drive right clicking and moving to the external drive?



Hi Jim,

Yes, that is how I move my files around in Windows. It might take some time, depending on the size of your collection and the speed of the connection to the external drive. Don’t let anyone turn off the computer while it is moving the files.

Make sure to follow the steps in the KB article in the order set out. It feels unintuitive to remove the initial watched folder before moving files, but it is necessary to do that in order to avoid duplication of files in the database.

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for the update. I agree, it feels unintuitive to remove the initial watch folder before moving. I‘ll give it a try on Friday when I return home from my business travel.

Best regards,


Hi Jim,

Yes, Andy is right. When you drag the music folder to the external drive, just remember that it will be doing a copy. So, you’ll still have a copy on your ssd, which is fine for now.

So, follow the instructions to remove the ssd music folder in Roon before you copy it. Then add the new watched folder. You’ll add a local folder and the path will be something like:

/volumes/name of the external drive/name of the music folder.

Mine is: /volumes/Roon music/music

Hope that helps.

Cheers, Greg

A right click/move will move the music folder rather than copy it. After a move operation the music folder will no longer appear in the original location. It would be prudent to back up the music folder to your backup location before moving it.

Ok, I think I figured this out.

I think that you can just drag and drop a folder to a new location, if it’s on the same hard drive. If you try and do that to a different drive, it will do a copy.

If you select the folder on the ssd and hold down the option key and then drag it, it will move the folder to the external.

I can’t find the Move in OS X.

Cheers, Greg

Ah Mac, thanks Greg.


Sorry for the delay, as I was traveling on business!

Backed up my DB this weekend.

Opend Roon and went settings, storaage to delete “watched” folder and…only options when clicking gear wheel is disable or rescan. No delete! When I tab down to my Itunes folder and click on it, it has all three options available. This folder is already on the external drive.

Next move please??



That sounds more like the default watched music folder rather than one you have added.

Ok, if delete is not an option the just disable it.
Then move your audio files from that folder to a folder on your external drive.

Once moved offer, create a new Roon watched folder pointing at that new location.

After the new folder has been scanned I would suggest performing a library clear up (Roon settings)