ROON App for iPhone and ROON App for my iPad keep on disconnecting

Roon Core Machine

Apple MacBook Por Late 2013
2 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7
8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3

Networking Gear & Setup Details

FRITZ!Box 7590
FRITZ!Repeater 2400
ROON Core on WiFi (could as well be Ethernet, if it’s better…?)
Not using a VPN

Connected Audio Devices

Devialet Expert 250 Pro with LAN Ethernet
Naim Mu-so 2nd Generation with WiFi

Number of Tracks in Library

80,025 tracks, today

Description of Issue

On my iPhone SE 2022 as well as on my iPad Air 2019 ROON App when open is constantly losing connecting with my ROON Core Marchine. From today on. I’ve never experienced this particular issue before and it’s quite confusing me because there’s no way now that I can rely on the software in this way…

ROON… Help please !!!

The answer is in your question. Core should always be wired.

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Thanks Fietser. I’ve tried to re-connect my Macbook Pro with Ethernet Cable. Tracks seem to load faster now I hope this will be a long lasting change :slightly_smiling_face: it’s worth it

Unfortunately the original problem I was talking about here stays. Both ROON Apps are totally doing crazy things it’s so weird they keep falling away and keep flickering on and off it’s become completely useless.

Connection lost! screen appears. ROON Apps have totally gone mad it seems I wonder what is happening?

Unfortunately on Ethernet I found the same problem was coming back and I made the switch back to my beloved WiFi and this was even less bad now than the Ethernet so I like to keep it on WiFi now. Also my Devialet Ethernet I’ve removed and replaced with the former WiFi connection. No more too much cables here.

So in the end, I think has nothing to do with my home internet connections. But, what else?
Now I found that sometimes my Naim or my Devialet or my Apple Macbook ROON Endpoints suddenly disappear and then ROON is saying: No Device Found. It happens like out of the blue and I can’t think of why it’s happening or even what would be a proper solution for this.

Who can help to make my ROON App work right again to keep me with the nice feeling ROON experience that I’ve really had?

With kind regards,

Sjors - The Netherlands

Hey @Sjors_Ehv,

As @fietser mentioned, I would definitely read through our Networking Best Practices article. If possible, always hardwire your core directly to your router :+1:

In regard to your FRITZ!Box, have you by chance edited the Software Packet Acceleration feature? You can read more about that below:

I’ll be on standby for your reply :pray:

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Hi benjamin, Well I have just reset back to the wired ethernetconnection. Thank you

Thanks as well for your recommendation. It’s appreciated I will surely read this :pray:t3:

With kind regards, Sjors

Hi benjamin,

…And besides, Yesterday I’ve made my Fritz! Box 7590 a new and fresh Firmware update. I think this has really helped. I reset my Naim Mu-so as well. And I think I have made the right Network connections now.

The ROON music stops and plays faster, and my favourite music tracks skip from track to track, smoother. That’s what I’ve noticed immediately. :grinning:

I hope this will stay, for a while… :pray:

So for now, I’m happier with ROON !

With kind regards,

Sjors - the Netherlands

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