Roon app freezing and displaying blank photos, recurring issue on multiple devices (ref#XP5RQS)

Affected Product


Roon Issue Category

Interface & Usability

Description of Issue

The Roon app seems buggy. The list or Artists will be good at first, then when going back to the list, blank photos occur and the app freezes. Will go back to normal after rebooting the iPad, then after only a few looks at the Artists, will have the same problem. Deleted and reinstalled the app…no difference. Same problem on my iPhone as well, so it is not the iPad itself. This has been going on for about a week or so, but worked fine before. Bugs in a recent Roon update? Incompatibility with an recent iOS update?

Roon Server Platform

Linux (NAS/SonicTransporter/Antipodes/Ubuntu/etc.)

Linux Server Type

Roon Server Specifications

Not a hardware issue. Seems to be a software issue.

Connected Audio Devices

exaSound s82 DAC with onboard Roon core

Home Network Details

Ethernet. Orbi router and satellites

This seems to affect not everyone but a sizable number of people. There are several threads about it, this is probably the main one:

Hi @kevin.r.torske,

Thank you for your post.

Does entering text in the Filter search query cause or affect these symptoms at all? The team is busy investigating this issue in an associated thread mentioned above, but the more information we can gather from new reports, the better.

We should know more soon - please direct your attention to the above thread, where we will post information about a fix once it’s available.