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Upon opening the Roon app, it will play playlists, but crashes when I touch the search icon.
I have deleted the app, closed my Apple, iPad Pro, restarted and reinstall the app probably 10 times.
Roon nucleus with latest update, NAD 368/BluOS, Apple iPad Pro, music, archived on Roon only. everything was working perfectly until four days ago. The app crashed in between songs.

@Sarah_Watts, can you please provide more information on what version/size of iPad Pro you have, its memory, and iOS version it is running? What version of Roon Remote is installed on it?

Hi Robert, I am using two iPad pros with Roon remote App installed. Both Version 16. both worked perfectly until four days ago. On both, Apps deleted, machine shut down, app newly installed and updated.

  1. 5th gen, 12.9 inch, 256g with 227 available. General use with multi apps.
  2. 3rd gen, 11 inch, 128g with 108 available, dedicated Roon remote machine.
    on both machines, Roon remote app will open and play playlists and switch among songs, crashing randomly. On both machines, app always instantly crashes the minute I touch the search icon. And will not re-open.
    Thanks, Sarah
    NetgearC7000v2/RoonNucleus/wi-fi to NAD369/BluOS. Only 2 ipad remotes.

Thank you Sarah. Are you using the most recent builds of Roon for your Nucleus and Remotes, both B1211?

Nucleus (54B2038BF947) Roon OS 1.0, build 254, production/, Version 2.0 (build 1148) production

Both ipads Version 16. Is that their “build”?

No, that is the iPadOS version. You may want to update to 16.3.1 as there were some serious security patches Apple implemented this week.

Your Core build on the Nucleus is from November and probably should be updated to Build 1211. There was a database update to address a hard-to-find corruption issue, as well as some other changes. As I am on the earlyaccess builds across my Core and Remotes (mostly iOS devices), I am not sure if you are experiencing problems with a more recent iPad Remote build and an older Core.

Please make sure you make a backup of Roon from within Roon before you update your Nucleus if you decide to do this.

Robert, thanks for your helpful info. I’m trying to upgrade my Roon build. I’m looking on settings, Setup Find Roon OS for my Nucleus, then I get a screen that says Roon OS devices, with a blue button that says “done. No other options. Can you please give me some pointers?

Roon - Settings - About

Hi @Sarah_Watts,

We had identified this as an issue with older cores. Not to say that the iPad isn’t still a problem but I am going to flag your Nucleus for an update. Can you test things again in about 10 minutes and let us know if it’s fixed?


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both iPad remotes work and my nucleus immediately connected to the NAD 368.
I really appreciate your help

Last year it was two weeks before I got my Roon back, again seemingly a problem I had no control over.

You do know that we Roon users are in heroin-like withdrawal when you take it away from us.
we are in your hands.
Sarah Watts


Hi @Sarah_Watts,

I am so glad it’s working. Enjoy the music.


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