Roon app is taking up a lot of storage space on iPad [Resolved - Uninstall/Reinstall Roon app]

Roon Core Machine

Windows, Roon 1.8

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Ethernet cable to server

Connected Audio Devices

Number of Tracks in Library

1200 ALBUMS in Roon library

Description of Issue

My iPad is running out of space, cannot do updates. Roon takes 7.12 GB, which doesn’t make sense for 1200 albums. I’ve read comments of people clearing the cache and then not seeing the art of albums, so I don’t want to do that. I cold turned off/on the IPad already, no change. Is there anything I can try to fix this without loosing any data?

Also, in the PC used for Roon, backups take 3.16 GB, with 10,500 files and
22,400 folders!. Backups are scheduled every 15 days, maximum 5 backups, so I don’t get the huge amount of of folders files.

Hi @Nathan_Kelerstein,

I commented on this in another topic … I can’t help to fix the root cause but this should help…

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Very recently I noticed my iPad Roon storage was at 5.77gb.
I did exactly as @Carl stated above.
Deleted the app and reinstall and was back down to 25mb.
Sure you will need to reset a couple of things but it’s less than five minutes work.

Just as a FYI….after one week it has slowly crept up to 295mb.
This is just the documents and data portion, not the app itself which stays static.

Also make sure Roon is NOT included in your iCloud backups.


Thank you @Carl and @AceRimmer for the answer. I can confirm that Roon is not included in iCloud backups.
If I understand correctly, all that is needed is to delete-reinstall the app, and then load the backup?


No need to load backup as that’s for the core.
All you are doing is deleting and then reinstalling a Roon Remote app.
It will repopulate with all your albums.
My memory says you may have to reset things like Roon Radio off/on, order how albums displayed etc.
All minor stuff.


Thanks @AceRimmer and @Carl, I completed the process including an update for iPad, no issues now!

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Hey @Nathan_Kelerstein!

Thanks for following up to let us know that uninstalling/reinstalling the Roon Remote app cleared this up. Props @Carl & @AceRimmer for your help!! :pray:

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