Roon app keeps crashing on my PC

Hi All,

I’m having an ongoing problem with Roon crashing on my PC.

I have the following setup:

PC-windows 7 64 bit
Music stored on Synology DS414+ NAS
Auralic Aries
Ayre QB-9 DAC

Several day ago, while adding a new Tidal album to my library, the Roon app locked up and then crashed.
I attempted to restart the app several times but the app opened for a few seconds and then crashed again.
I tried restarting my PC but to no avail. I then uninstalled Roon on my PC and then reloaded the Roon software which worked.
However, tonight the app has crashed again while again loading a Tidal album to my library

Any suggestions to rectify this would be greatly appreciated.


Hey @Charles_Casey – just sent you a PM with instructions for getting us logs. Send them over and let us know, then I’m sure we can figure out what’s going on here.