Roon App on IOS 14.5 is hanging big time

Core Machine

Docker Image on unRAID.

Network Details

Unifi router and switches.

Audio Devices

Trinnov Altitude

Description of Issue

Roon App on Iphone 12 Pro (14.5) is hanging big time. Re-install/re-start/hard reset/etc. do not help. Roon app on Ipad and MacOS are working fine.

Anyone, please?

Hi @Frode_Michalsen

Is this a new install or did this configuration work for you previously? If this did work previously, was there any change around the time this started?


It happend after I changed Roon Server from Ubuntu VM to Unraid docker. I think something happened in unautorize/autorize process. When uninstalling the IOS remote spp and install it again, I see available Roon Servers, choosing one the app freezes as shown in picture.

I hav uninstalled, done hard reset and restart on the Iphone several times.

Remote from Macbook and Ipad are working fine.

It seems that it was some leftovers from an old Dockers install which caused the problem. Removing everything and installed fresh IOS remote app is ok. I will do restore and hopefully it will still work.

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