Roon app on iOS showing different content


I noticed a strange behaviour on Roon app.

I do not see the album depanding on which hardware I’m using. On iPad I see all albums on iPhone limited one.

You can see on iPhone one album is missing and I can not find a way to force Roon to show it . On iPad return all albums :frowning:

I think you have show hidden albums set to “off” on one and “on” on the other.

Yes that correct but when I click to unhide it nothing change and it can not be found .

Not the individual album. There is a global setting that shows or hides duplicates.

Yes, check the “Show hidden tracks and albums” setting for each device;

Settings > General > Show hidden tracks and albums

I got your point with global settings . But how to unhide that album .or why it was hide if fist place ? I can not recall that I set it in such way .

I think the default for Roon is to hide albums it thinks are duplicates unless you change the setting (must be done separately in each device one is using to control Roon).

Did changing the setting on your iPhone work to show the albums like on your iPad?

PS - Looking at the Album Editor, Visibility in Roon settings, I notice beside the Unhide button it says this is to unhide an album you selected to be hidden. I interpret this to mean it only applies if you previously selected that album to be hidden, and doesn’t apply to “duplicate” albums Roon hides by default.

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Yes when I set Roon to show hidden albums I can see it on both iPad and iPhone.

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