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When I try to launch Roon App I get an error message saying that

‘Adobe Acrobat can’t open Roon.exe.config’

Why is this happening and how can I correct it please ?


This isn’t an executable file. I’m not a Windows users, but you may want to attempt renaming the linked file in the shortcut to ‘Roon.exe’, or alternatively, reinstall Roon.

Thanks I have reloaded the app but still get the same problem. I need to stop Adobe Acrobat trying to open the file but when I go to windows / settings / default apps / choose default apps by file types it does not allow me to change it from Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

When I go to Windows / settings / default apps / set defaults by app

there is no Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, only Adobe Acrobat Reader

Hi @Tim_Emptage,

The problem is that the whatever icon you are clicking on is trying to open


A .config file is not executable, this is why it will not run.

The correct file to run Roon on Windows is …


USERNAME is just a placeholder, it needs to be your Windows account name
The file extension is .exe not .exe.config

I would suggest the simplest recovery is to delete that [shortcut] icon and then reinstall Roon.
Alternatively, view the shortcut icons properties (right click) and correct the target path.

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  1. I think it’s good advice to configure Windows to always show file extensions.
    Without that setting, Roon.exe shows as Roon in file explorer and Roon.exe shown there is actually Roon.exe.config.
  2. I don’t see a reason why a PDF-reader application should be associated with .config-files. You may want to reset all file associations to default.
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I always do that … I forget it’s not defaulted that way :frowning:

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