Roon App unable to find core

IPad Pro controlling Bryston BDP-2 wirelessly

Signed up for the Roon free trial and downloaded the Roon app from Apple store. After starting the app, it searched for the Roon core but could not find it. I have been using my iPad to control the Bryston BDP-2 without any issues. Please advise what I need to do. Thank you.

I subscribe to an optical fibre broadband service and am using a Linksys router for my home wifi.

Hi there. The Roon Core (Brain) needs to be contained on a computer, ROCK NUC, Nucleus, etc. My Roon core is on a iMac desktop. My music files are on the same desktop.

The iPad serves as a control remote or even as an endpoint (player). Here’s a link to the Roon Knowledge Base. It may be helpful to familiarize yourself with the terms and such during the install process.

You can use the iPad to manage the BDP-2 directly, by using the link you can control the player via your iPad, but that would by via the Bryston software. Your BDP-2 is a compatible player. In order to use it with Roon software, you need to install the Core on a compatible hardware device and enable the BDP-2 in Settings>Audio.

To use Roon with it, you will need to go into the BDP-2 firmware settings and select the Roon Ready box and hit start. Pic below.

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Hello @Ronald_Lee,

@rrwwss52 is correct here, it sounds like you do not currently have an active Roon Core to manage the connection to the BDP.

The architecture of Roon might be a bit different than what you are used to in the past, all the audio processing and connections need to happen from a Roon Core (which can be a PC or a dedicated server unit).

For more information, please look over our Architecture Documentation and Audio Basics Setup Guide.

If you have further difficulties after getting the Roon Core up-and-running, just let us know and we can assist!

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Thanks, Noris. Another question. If I use my ASUS laptop as the core, does there need to be a physical connection, i.e., USB or LAN cable, between the core and my Bryston BDP-2? Thanks.

Hi @Ronald_Lee,

The BDP-2 is part of our Roon Ready Program, so as long as it has an active network connection, you should be able to play to this zone via the network input.

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