Roon Apps 1.8 on a iMac with HighSierra and RoonServer Core 2.0 on M1 Mac mini MacOS Ventura possible?

Roon Core Machine

2020 Mac Mini, M1, 8GB RAM
MacOS Ventura

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Roon Ready Linn Majid DSM 2015

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Description of Issue

I’ve upgraded my Roon Server from my iMac 2011 i5 into an M1 Mac mini, but I’d like to use the iMac as an Control App because it is placed in my living Room as it has an build in IR Reader.

Everything worked fine except for Skip Next or Back.

In the past I’ve used for this my Apple IR Remote on my iMac, but with my new M1 Mac mini this will not work, because Roon 1.8 on my iMac does not find my Roon Core 2.0 on Mac mini.

Is there a chance to install a kind Remote App 2.0 on an 2011 iMac just for steering my Core as I do with my iPad.

Otherwise I’ve to place the new Roon Server also in my living room and I’ve to attach an IR Reader!

If your 2011 iMac is not capable of being updated to Roon 2.0( I don’t think it can) then no there is nothing much you can do with it in regards to “talking” to anything on Roon 2.0 I’m afraid.

Oh no, I’ve thought I need just a newer Core and can use my iMac as an audio steering device to show whats playing etc.

Like I’m using Plex for my audiobooks and movies.

Unfortunately Roon 1.8 cannot communicate with Roon 2.0 at any level.
Every device whether it is Core, Endpoint or just a Remote has to be on the same general build.
Roon 2.0 is really the only way forward as Roon 1.8 will be phased out for support anyway.
So I’m afraid if your iMac can’t update to Roon 2.0 you will not be able to use it as a remote.

OK thats really sad… a specially if I compare my i5 iMac with my rasp 3 touch…
I’m able to use an raspberry pi 3 to control and playback, but I can’t use an a lot more powerful Mac, just because the Mac OS doesn’t fit :-/
PS: Its not my plan, but the same Mac with Win 10 should be fine - thats unbelievable

You can but have to upgrade the MacOS version to 10.15 or higher.

Try this

That’s not correct, the Pi can not be used as Roon Remote, it can of course be used as a Roon Audio Endpoint (by running Roon Bridge).

Your old iMac 2011 i5, could also run Roon Bridge if required, so you could use it as an audio endpoint.

Alternatively try what @wizardofoz has suggested, or use a tablet device to control Roon.

well technically not as a full blown remote but options exist for basic controls using the likes of Ropieee with a RPi display.

I‘m not a friend of using unauthorized OS, but I‘ll try an Logitech extension. Maybe I can control my Mac mini/Roon core with this. Otherwise I could use an raspberry with an flirc usb dongle and a RoPieee os. But hopefully a Roon extension could handle. Does anyone commend an good working extension for Logitech harmony remote?

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