Roon apps are crashing but Core is fine?!?!

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A little bit more information here would be very helpful.
What is core machine and remotes etc.
Basically all of the information that was requested when you made this support thread.
Then the community may be able to assist you better.

Make sure all devices are running the latest Roon version.

Most likely the Core it not really completely “fine” and is not on the latest version. I have a quite likely suspicion what’s going on and an easy fix for that, which helped other people countless times in recent weeks for the problem that I think you have, but before I post something that does not apply please tell us what you are running as your Core. (The questions in the template when opening a new support topic are there for a reason, else everyone is flying blind)

I’m using Roon 2.0 (build 1128) on my Core. The Core is on a 2020 Mac Mini M1 running Monterey, and is used solely as a music server running Roon. The Core does say that there was an error in checking for the latest download, but the Core itself plays music to my endpoints, so long as I’m using the Core. It’s the other access points, my iPhone 13 and Mac laptop, that won’t even open the app, so I can’t update those. Thoughts? Tan thank you!

That’s very out of date, current build is 1234.
You need to update the Core.

Visit this page on your Mac to try and dl the latest version direct.

And there’s your problem. The current Roon / RoonServer core version is 1234. Current remote / control app versions crash immediately in combination with certain old core versions, unfortunately.
It seems that some cores got stuck on older builds even without user fault (like never accepting an update)

Now, if it was a Nucleus or ROCK, it would be possible to go to the web admin interface and triggering the update there, i.e., without requiring a remote. This option, however, does not exist on the Mac Mini.
I suppose, simply go to Downloads - Roon Labs, download the latest Roon version from there, and install it

OK. Thank you. I have my Core set to automatically download and install latest updates. But it doesn’t seem to be doing that. Anyway to get that going?

Yes, I have the page you need to visit in my post, that should get you sorted.
However not sure why the auto update stopped working.
That would be one for support.

OK. Just found the problem, though don’t know why this was the case. The Core was connected to my network over Wifi and Ethernet. For whatever reason, when I went to the Roon download page via the Core, the internet wasn’t working. So I unplugged the Ethernet, and voila, the download for Roon in my Core started right up. So somehow, very oddly, my Core was connected to my network in such a way that it allowed playback, and ARC access, but was not connecting with the wider internet beyond Roon. Does this make sense to anyone else? Anyway, hoping I’m good to go after this update.

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Not sure if it makes sense but yes being connected by both WiFi and Ethernet is very problematic for Roon.
However Roon strongly recommend connecting the Core by Ethernet and not WiFi.
So if possible you need to switch off the Wi-Fi and reconnect the Ethernet cable , probably after your update is successful.

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