Roon ARC 1.0.5 not available in Android app store

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Earlier this week Roon ARC 1.0.5 was released. It promises:

However, the version available in the Android App store is still 1.0.27. When will 1.0.5 be made available?

It has been available generally, there is active discussion about playing with this new feature.

Some people have occasionally mentioned that the Google Play Store updates are generally slow in the Netherlands. Seems to be a Google issue.


1.0.5 is still not available in the Android app store … !!!

Hi, I now believe that Roon simply does not want to help me with this issue!
In the Apple Appstore Roon Arc is now 1.0.7
In the Androis playstore it has just updated to 1.0.28
Anyway, the new USB function still does not work with me.
Bad ad (& app) just before christmas.

Also what USB device (on the go for what ARC is meant) is supported?
Till now I have only found THX Onyx to function with ARC in ‘standard’ mode with the USB beta function switched off.
Both Dragonfly Cobalt and FiiO KA3 get the message ‘wrong USB device’.

Please do not repeat the message that Playstore in Netherlands is slow. It is as slow as it is fed by the app owner.

Concluding…can anyone help me?

Online I found the following concerning apps and individual language setting.

Here’s how to change languages per app in Android 13:

  1. On your device running Android 13, head to settings by swiping down from the homescreen twice until you see the settings cog at the bottom. Tap it.
  2. Find System and tap it.
  3. Hit Languages & input.
  4. Tap App languages.
  5. Scroll through and find apps that you’d want to change the language for. Once found, tap the app and choose your new language.

However, ARC is not listed here and thus the Android language cannot be changed.

Samsung Galaxy note 20 5G / Android 13

  • I am now trying with a change of global language to English (Netherlands), however the location is still Netherlands.

  • next delete ARC

  • next restart of phone

  • reinstall ARC
    no success; still 1.0.28

  • Language now set to English (United States)

  • delete ARC

  • restart
    -reinstall ARC

  • still 1.0.28 Build 100106

I give up. Back to USB audio player pro…

This can’t be, is this a typo?

This is certainly not the only possible reason. Roon does not provide the app separately for every local App Store. Google has the latest version of the app because other people received it.

The language has no influence on which App Store is associated with your device by Google

I think might be some confusion here. My AppStore on iOS days 1.07 is latest and installed , however arc shows 1.06 as being the version. Did they not update the version or could this be because I swapped from early access back to release?

Checking early access there was no build 106 so they dropped the ball here version name wise but it’s the latest version for sure.

@support why is it showing build 1.0.6 on 1.0.7 release?

That is the latest it’s the build number that’s the version change not the main versions which is still 1.0.28. However as my post above shows they seem to have missed numbered it in the build history version as it shows 106 not 107 and there has not been a 106 released anywhere yet.

The version and build numbers are currently confusing because they look like they are in the same range and as if version 1.0.6 and build 106 or 107 were just different ways of writing the same thing. But they are not.

Build numbers are simply incremented whenever Roon builds a new ARC internally. Not every build is released, though. The releases receive separate version numbers that are not just the build number with periods added.

ARC 1.0 was build 49
ARC 1.0.2 was build 59
ARC 1.0.3 was build 64
ARC 1.0.4 was build 74
ARC 1.0.5 was build 92
ARC 1.0.7 is build 106 (current production release)

In the future, ARC 1.0.8 may be build 120 and ARC 1.0.20 may be build 236. You get the idea. It’s just an unfortunate coincidence that currently we have 1.0.7 and 106 looking so similar.

However, I too am confused what Hans’s version 1.0.28 is supposed to be. A version 1.0.28 was never released and according to the version number system it would come from the future. Version numbers are not decimals but counting numbers, and 1.0.28 is a higher number than 1.0.7.

That 1.028 is in the arc app I think it relates to arc on the core.

OK, I am missing something. ARC 1.0.28 does not appear in the release notes. On Android with earlyaccess, I see this in the ARC app’s settings:

cirrus7 [which is my ROCK]
Roon ARC 1.0.8
Build 100109

(This is the latest earlyaccess ARC app release on Android. iOS received a new earlaccess update build 112)

And BTW not sure how secret your email address is, but it’s visible in the screenshot

EDIT: Well it’s the same 1.0.28 for others, so I suppose may be fine: ARC: very low-res artwork in offline use - #4 by ACvitus

So ignoring the version number and going solely by the build number, which should be unambiguous, the build 106 is the current release for regular users in production:

From the latest release notes for Roon 2.0.7 and ARC 1.0.7 are live!:

I still don’t get why the release notes say 1.0.7 and the in-app settings of ARC show 1.0.28, but it looks to me that @Hans_Van_den_Bent does have the latest.

Oops thanks deleted that it’s not my primary email but still best to be secure.

This is what I keep seeing in the Google PlayStore for Android 13

In the ARC app for android it says Roon ARC 1.0.28 / Build 100106

Thanks. My confusion continues because in my Android App Store it says Version 1.0.8, updated Dec 15, which is the latest that exists for earlyaccess users.

And within the ARC app it’s also 1.0.8 with build 100109.

So apparently I don’t know how Roonlabs uses version numbers. Traditionally, 1.0.28 would be much higher than 1.0.8, as it would be number 28, not zero point 28.

Nevertheless, build 106 is the one you should have as per the release notes I linked above, even if 1.0.28 based on what other people say.

Are you sure you don’t have the Enable USB Driver setting in the ARC app’s settings like this?

EDIT If you have the setting and you have build 106, your versions are fine, I would say. If some USB DAC does not work, it’s probably simply a different problem, like support for a particular DAC not working. I’d open a new topic about this.

I am now playing Roon ARC (cellular as if outside) with USB driver (beta) ON. My THX Onyx I can see a quality for 44,1 / 48 Khz.
Now when playing Miles kind of blue 192/24 the leds on my Onyx glow yellow (> 48Khz).
Took a couple of reinstalls, but it now seems to work.

Question remains why there is different version info between release notes, apple appstore and android playstore???

And it is obviously (my release at least) still beta. ARC crashes now and then.

Great! :slight_smile:

Yes, the numbers are confusing. What adds to it is that the Roon release notes on the forum only say “1.0” and the build number, and don’t reflect the 1.0.X that one sees both in the App Store and in the ARC app. Could be made easier :slight_smile: