Roon Arc and Downloads in different quality

So, Roon Arc does have any option to stream at different quality levels for those who may want to listen at below lossless levels for various reasons.

Here is my gripe. I don’t have an unlimited data plan and prefer to download my music to my phone.

It seems that we can only download the music in its original quality. I listen to music on my mobile device via bluetooth headphones, which do not support lossless formats. Do I need to have a separate duplicate library in MP3 or AAC format, then? That would be quite a hassle.

If anyone is in a similar situation, how are you approaching it?

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Just download what you want on your phone at home on wi-fi then use it while out and about.
Same as any other streaming service.

Make sure to vote on the feature suggestion

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Someone has posted a feature request for this. Please go and add your vote to that post which is here - Option to convert downloaded files

This is also my most wanted feature for Roon ARC by the way which is why I try to make sure that everyone knows where the post is that is collecting votes for this feature. As many people as possible voting for a feature is the best way to get Roon to prioritise it I think.

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Thanks Mike. We were typing our replies in parallel.

Is it a forum sin for a moderator to edit the title of someone else’s thread? I’ve been trying to catch these duplicate posts because I want as many votes as possible for this feature and in one case the guy didn’t spot the main feature request post because the title wasn’t 100% clear. Might it help if someone edited the title of Bruno_Mollo’s feature request to make it clear in the title that it refers to Roon ARC offline file downloading?

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Go ahead, I’m new to the forums and didn’t find the feature request section, yet.

I just upvoted that feature request.

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I’ve only been exploring Roon ARC since last night but from what I have discovered there are only options in Settings for Playback that you can set when listening on WiFi or Cellular:

  1. Automatically pick best quality
  2. Original Format
  3. CD Quality
  4. Balanced
  5. Bandwidth Optimized

Seems you are correct that you are not able to convert when downloading to your phone. I hope they add this feature eventually. I also use Plexamp to play my music when away from home and it has a Conversion Bitrate feature that allows you to download music to your phone in 256 Kbps all the way down to 64 Kbps so you can have tons of music on your phone when not concerned about listening in “audiophile” quality. Hope this helps.

All 'n all though, I am enjoying Roon ARC so far. I’m an IT guy and fortunately, everything just worked for me; no fiddling around with my Amplifi Alien Mesh router. This morning I was listening to music on my iPhone with Roon ARC app and when I got into my car, it continued playing when my iPhone connected to my CarPlay. Awesome!

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I actually came here to find a way to increase the download quality, so not sure whays going on :thinking:.

I can see in ARC that they are supposedly FLAC on my device, but the quality in the car sounds worse than the Tidal tracks I stream through ARC, and also worse than the FLACs played natuvely from the car hifi.

Well you are in the wrong thread rather obviously.
Start your own thread in the support section and fill in the required information. Include your car head unit details and whether you use carplay or AA.