Option to convert downloaded files

I’ve been loving Roon ARC so far, it’s what I’ve been expecting for many time. Congrats to all the staff.

However, I miss one basic functionality. Just like playback can be converted to Opus in Cellular, I’d love to be able to download converted files too, in a way to save storage space.

Is this already available and I’m missing it?


This is something I would really like & I would hope wouldn’t be a huge change

If you look at the Roon ARC FAQ it talks about downloading files and says that for streaming files over mobile data it can compress them and if you look in the “PLAYBACK” section of Roon ARC settings you will see that you can set a quality level not only for mobile data but also for WiFi. In both cases the choices are “Original Format” (which is probably lossless for most of us), “CD Quality”, “Balanced” that I believe is 256kbs Opus for local files and “Bandwidth Optimized” which is the most compressed. It doesn’t seem like a huge change for those quality settings to also be used to control file download sizes.

[ Extensive edit made to my original post because at first I thought Roon ARC would already compress downloads when using mobile data but I’m not sure that is the case. ]

I agree with this, however, not to save space on the phone or bandwidth for the download. Rather, battery power needed for playback.

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Yep. That is also another good reason for wanting this. I care a lot about battery life as well. I really hope Roon can do this quite soon. When I saw those quality options in settings I initially assumed this was already possible so I’m a bit disappointed to now discover it isn’t.

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I agree with this too, since phones may not have much storage and streaming will drain much battery life as a iPhone mini user, I will very appreciate to see this come!

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Thanks, upvoted.

You might want to add “Roon Arc” in the topic title to have more visibility :slight_smile:

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On Roon Arc I would like to be able to configure the downloaded music quality, just like we can do for streaming quality.
I don’t need to download 24/192 albums to listen on my Android, CD quality is enough for me.

I’ve seen other people mention this but I did not see an explicit feature request topic - but feel free to delete this if I missed it!


+1 This would be nice as an option as it was something I was looking for. Admittedly the other way around, so I can download in the highest quality (but I think it does that already going by the FAQ).

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Added my vote. :+1:

Given how slowly ARC downloads albums to my phone, having the ability to lower the download quality (Mp3 is fine with me for mobile use) should speed this up quite a bit, I would think.

As mentioned, this would also help save memory space as well as battery life.

I was hoping ARC’s download feature for offline listening could replace my current solution of keeping a separate folder of Mp3 versions of all my music to sync to my phone for offline listening (I use this quite often since my phone data plan is limited). But as it stands, ARC doesn’t provide a viable solution for me. :frowning:

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I would like this feature too to save space especially at the moment it doesn’t allow you to download to an SD card which i think is the only major flaw in an otherwise great update

+1 for this request!

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+1. I assumed it’d be an option, went looking for the setting, landed here. For all the reasons stated already - phone storage, battery life, download speeds, data usage.

ARC overall seems very cool! Good work, devs! I think this will really be great. That said, the ability to choose bitrate/quality on downloads seems pretty basic so I’d hope it’d be one of the first things added.

Again, this seems great and thanks devs for your efforts. Cheers

Yes, I’d really want to have this feature. Since my Airpods Pro (and I presume all other bluetooth headphones) don’t support lossless formats, it would be super helpful if we had the option to convert the music to a lossy format like AAC.

Please, Roon Labs team, this is very much needed.

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added my vote for this …

common use case would be to quickly download a few hours of music to the phone before heading out of the house … the operative word being “quickly”

and for those of us with a by-the-Gig mobile plan … by choice even :slight_smile: … streaming Opus still uses data


+1 for this feature as well. I’m loving Roon ARC but I am still also using Plexamp for this reason. Plexamp has a Conversion Bitrate feature for streaming and downloads which uses the OPUS codec. It allows for conversions to max 256 Kbps all the way down to 64 Kbps.

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This feature would be a great addition to ARC! :grinning::+1: