Allow multi-select and select-all for albums, artists etc in Roon ARC library screens

I’d like to see selection of items in the library views of Roon ARC work in the same way as It does in Roon remote. My interest is particularly for album view but it could also potentially apply to artists, tracks etc.

What I mean is the way in Roon Remote you can long-press on an item in a view (say album view) and a tick will appear to show it has been selected and you can then go and select multiple items or use the drop down menu to select all and then once you have selected everything you want you can the use the top menu to perform a permitted action on all of the albums selected e.g. play-now, queue, add-to-playlist etc.

The reason I would like to see this feature, apart from general convenience, is specifically for people like me who want to download a lot of content to Roon ARC for offline playback. Right now if someone wants to download their entire collection, as I have seen a few people on this forum saying that they want to do (I am one of them), for anyone with a few hundred albums or more that is pretty much impractical with the current interface as it would involve going individually to each album in one’s collection and selecting download to download just that album which would be tedious and take a very long time. If it was possible to do a select-all on the album view and then choose “Download” from a top menu to download all of the selected albums that would make things far more convenient.

As a side note, for many people this only makes sense if Roon also implements the feature request to be able to transcode files being downloaded into a more compact format in order to fit all of their desired offline content into the available storage space on their phone. For people who do also want the ability to download their files in compressed format and haven’t seen the feature request for that the post about it is here - Option to convert downloaded files - so please vote for that feature as well if you are interested in it as well.

I have added my vote for this request :+1:

Furthermore, I would like to suggest a few features for people that prefer to store songs locally on phones or tablets.

  1. Add a button to download automatically all local audio files to ARC.

  2. Add a function to synchronize files downloaded on ARC with the original library,

  3. Allow to download local files via USB, since moving large sets of data by WiFi it is very slow.

  4. At the moment I was able to set up a single playlist to download my local files in one go but the problem is that if I try to play the same songs from other playlists or from the album view ARC does not find the file I have downloaded into ARC itself. I hope this issue can be fixed in the future.