Roon Arc--Any way to shuffle tracks?

I plugged in my iPhone but there does not seem to be the ability to list and shuffle tracks. Am I missing something ?

On the now playing screen, the shuffle icon is on the right side of the play, pause and cue buttons.

I meant shuffle all songs in my library

You can’t shuffle all the songs in your library in the main client never mind ARC :slightly_smiling_face:
I bung a load in a playlist and shuffle that.

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Sorry. So going to tracks and shuffle is not using all my library? Not being sarcastic. This is the main client and not arc.

Sure you can. Go to Tracks, hit the down arrow next to Play Now and select Shuffle… This is one of the features I use most often in Roon since I can go to Tracks view, focus on Tags and other criteria, including Favorite tracks and then shuffle.

You cannot do the same thing in ARC, though… because there is no Play Now button (including shuffle option) for the Tracks view in ARC like there is in the Roon app. There are other issues with Tracks view in ARC, e.g. selecting a Tag in Tracks that contains albums will not show all the tracks from those album like it will in the full Roon client. So Tracks view in ARC is essentially useless for me…

My typical use cases in the full Roon client involve the Tracks view, for example, go to Tracks, filter by one of my Tags (e.g. I have one that includes all of Bob Dylan’s studio albums) and then hit the Heart icon, and then I have all of my favorite Bob Dylan studio tracks. Then I shuffle them. You can’t do that in ARC. You would need to create a playlist from that view in Tracks. But I don’t want to do that, because Playlists are static, e.g. they are not updated if I change my favorite tracks and if I add or delete albums from a Tag…


Right, but that button would only help you once you have items in the queue. And you can’t go to Tracks and play all, or filter or select from Tags or favorites and then play all those tracks.

See how many tracks there are in the queue when you do.
Hint: if you have over 8000 tracks you won’t see all of your library. Actually, 8k is an improvement it used to be limited to 5k.

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It will select from all of your tracks but not shuffle all of them, which is what I said. It’s limited to 8k tracks.

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I see this as a massive failing in ARC

I don’t organise by playlist - I use Tags - I have 10,000 albums of which 500 or so are Tagged Rare Groove - in ARC it’s just not possible for me to listen to a shuffled queue of tracks with that tag

What’s the point? Why is this not a feature?


ARC is at V1 more features will come along.
Add your vote to one of these to bump up priority


Right, although that’s kind of academic since I can’t imaging wanting to create a queue of many thousands of tracks much less a full library of 60K. The main point is that ARC doesn’t have the capability to use Tags and Favorites or other criteria to play and/or shuffle tracks like the full Roon app does.

Yes, ARC is still at v1 and hopefully more features will come. But that one seems like it would have been pretty basic to have right out of the gate. Anyway, I will vote for it!

Don’t see a vote button for this thread. How to vote?

It’s not this thread you vote on - it’s any of the threads in the #feedback:feature-suggestions category that @ged_hickman1 is showing you in his screenshot…


In my use case I created a bookmark for tracks that have never been played with a certain rating or higher. This is the list I listen to mostly on shuffle. If I want to listen to something more specific I usually play an album. On a side note, my queue is still limited to 5025 tracks. When did you see that increase to 8K?

No you are correct. arc useless

I think a lot of people would disagree. Personally, I prefer to play full albums.

I do also……but also shuffle library

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I don’t know what you guys are talking about, not being able to shuffle the whole library in regular Roon.
I go to albums, select all, and click on Shuffle in the play dropdown.
Filter first if you want.

No need to go to Tracks.

(Not talking about Arc.)

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I did what you said, still only 5K tracks.