Roon ARC app is not listed on Apple Carplay

Roon Core Machine

Roon Version 2, Build 1193

Connected Audio Devices

Apple Carplay on Toyota Kluger 2022 model

Description of Issue

Excited about the news from Roon this morning that Roon ARC is enabled on Apple Carplay.

However I cannot see that as an app on Apple carplay. I can still play using “Airplay”

The article from Roon " Once CarPlay is set up and your phone is synced to your vehicle’s interface, you’ll see the Roon ARC app on your display." Apple Carplay is already setup, I just connected the phone using the cable, still ARC doesnt show up.

Anyone facing similar issue?

did you go to the app store on your phone and install the most recent version of ARC?

Should be version 1.0.9

My Bad. For some reason I thought the app would auto update itself.
Did the update manually and ARC has come up on Apple Carplay


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