Roon ARC - Bug in Tags view

With Roon ARC, I can not show titles within a selected Tag.

Here’s my procedure, what I was able to do in Roon remote:

  • select a tag in the main menue (tags are assigned to albums)
  • within the selected tag, choose to view the titles
  • select/filter for liked titles
  • hit play

With Roon ARC, I still can select a tag. All albums assigned to this tag will be selechted. But the “view all” option then let me just select all albums again and not anymore titels.

I’m wrong?


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Hi @Stefan_Mauron!
Thank you for your report!
Could you please record a video of the ARC behavior you are experiencing? It helps us to clearly understand what`s going on.
Thank you!

Hi Andrew, here’s a screenflow with the Roon Remote 2.0 iPhone client. As I do not have the 1.8 version installed, I will explain what happend in 1.8 version, once you select “view all” (at the end of the video): Here, I was able to select tracks and from there I could choose the heart symbol and then hit play.
In the 2.0 version (as shown in the video), you can only choose view all. This has anyhow no further effect on the result.

To understand, how I organized my library: I add tags to albums and within an album I assign the heart to each song I like. Untill know, this gave me a super-quick way to select favorite songs from an entire artist and all its albums.

Let me know, if the iCloud-Link to the video works: iCloud

I just noticed: In the Roon ARC client are no tags available at all.

Else, I like ARC!

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The link is ok. I`ll take a look.
Thank you!

I also organize my library that way: tagging albums instead of tracks.

On my core, I select my Tracks list and then focus/filter on a tag and all the tracks from all the albums that have that tag appear. Then I can further refine that focus if I want.

If I do the same thing in ARC, it only shows individual tracks that have that tag assigned to them. Which for me is zero tracks.

Please fix! :grinning:

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