Roon ARC "Downloads" option disappears?


I’ve been having a strange issue with Roon ARC as of late.
I have downloaded around 300 tracks to my phone, then went to “Downloads” on the home screen and started playing one of my downloaded albums.
Later, when I close and reopen the app, the “Downloads” menu item is missing entirely from the home screen, so I can’t access any of the tracks anymore.

I then deleted all downloads and tried again. It worked for a short while, but after restarting, the menu item disappears again…

What could be the issue here?

Perhaps best to share some information on the device you are using? Android or iOS? Model?

Other than that you should be able to access your tracks through the library. That also contains a downloads section.

I’m running the Roon Core on my Windows PC (Ryzen 5900x, 32GB RAM), and Roon ARC on a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra (Android).

I actually meant the library menu, not the home screen, sorry for the confusion. For some reason, the last menu option listed there would be “Playlists”, and “Downloads” would be omitted.
Reloading the app on wifi with the core running, it suddenly is back, very strange.

I will post back if it disappears again…

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I wanted to second this. I am using an Android DAP (Sony nwzx707). My usual practice is to download tracks and listen offline while out, then sync back to the core when home.

This has been working fine, but today I experienced the Downloads section disappearing completely. I also don’t have the option to download any new tracks now. The connection to the core is ok. My iPhone is unaffected. core itself has no issues (mac mini m2), though recent listening history in the dap has not come over. Next step would be to erase arc entirely on the dap but trying to avoid this if possible. Anyone else experience this or have solutions?

Hi @sean00056,

If you close the app entirely and then reopen it while connected to your home WiFi, do you see the Downloads option reappear?

Diagnostics show a large volume of I/O connection failures in ARC around the time of your report. The ISP listed during these events does not match that listed in your Roon Admin - are you using a VPN or any corporate-grade security? This is known to interfere with ARC and could cause the page load failures you experienced.

If not, are you able to provide a screenshot and another approximate timestamp? We’ll investigate accordingly. Thank you!

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Thanks Connor. I do have a VPN but generally this isn’t a problem when at home on the same network. In either case - I changed the machine used for the core as part of an unrelated project and the resets/setup associated with this seem to have fixed things. I’ll monitor and report back if it happens again.

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