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Paging @support. Roon ARC stays in offline mode once it gets there, even if the network connection drops for only a moment, and then returns.

ARC seems to have 2 modes of operation: online and offline. In online mode you seem to have access to your complete library. In offline mode this seems limited to your (local) downloaded content. So far, so good.

But, in online mode, if you get a glitch in network reception on your phone, and ARC notices it, you drop down to offline mode. ARC never restores online mode, even if network connection comes back. Playback of online music is stalled, and i have found no way to ask ARC to switch back to online. You loose online mode until you stop and restart ARC. This behaviour is both native on phone and using Android Auto.

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This is probably impossible, but could you make this a user defined option on my Roon Core which then passes that parameter to Android Auto? In other words, I can choose whether to display as “most played” or “alphabetical” etc in Roon Desktop, which is then reflected in the options I see on AA. Or, indeed, the option could be in the Roon ARC app. Apologies if this has been mentioned elsewhere in this thread.

Sometimes album art is displayed, other times it is not. I’ve not been able to see an obvious trend/correlation which would explain why this happens. Most of the time I use a pre-downloaded playlist of music that is saved on a hard drive connected to my ROCK server at home.

My ideal would be to have albums sorted, last in first out.

Additionally, having access to all artists would be a game changer since neither Qobuz nor Tidal can do that on AA. And Roon does automatically create a list of artists, whereas in Qobuz and Tidal you have to do it manually.

Me too, @richard_rubenstein! Click date added twice using the Sort function and you’re all set.


Thanks for you response and yes, within ARC you can sort albums as you like. That sort does not, however, carry over to Android Auto.