Roon ARC for Android Auto has arrived! Share your thoughts, and road adventures here!

We’re eager to hear more about your road trips and daily commute now that Roon ARC is along for the ride. Please share your Roon ARC for Android Auto thoughts, questions, and adventures here!


I’ve (also) just downloaded the app (again) - and it doesn’t appear in the Android Auto ‘Launcher’ or on my Car’s Screen - how do I get it to be selectable / switched-on?

Hi @rolski, I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had trouble getting things setup. :slightly_frowning_face: Please open a support thread here and be to sure to add as much detail as possible when you fill in the support template.

Complete info is essential to getting you up and running.

I had the same issue but once I updated the ARC app, it showed up on the app launcher.

However, when I view my albums, they are in no particular order. In the ARC app, I have them sorted by ‘date added’.

Here’s photos of what is presented to ‘Albums’ and ‘Artists’, neither of which have any order to them.

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On an european (Belgian) 4G connection, ARC on Android Auto is so slow, that is to be considered as non-functional. 20 minutes was not long enough to start play of any song. Google maps, Waze and Qobuz all work fine.

I’ll try to find the correct thread to post there, but similar problems exist on android and 4G native: arc is so slow that it must be considered non-functional, whereas Qobuz direct (and all other apps) function quite well. Is Roon (again) putting irrealistic requirements on the network?

Got it going today, fantastic!

Would ask that the home keys on my Android (S21) don’t get covered by the app - bit of a safety issue if I need to change the app on my phone.

Also, and this is the biggie, we’re told we can’t download playlists due to licensing however, I also have tidal on my mobile that does allow it.
Would it be possible to develop a bridge to the tidal app so tracks/playlists can be downloaded and held within the tidal app but accessible by Arc when reception is poor.
I live in NZ and do a lot of rural driving where there is no mobile reception…

It’s great! Also searching is fantastic. So much better than using Tidal (that could not load my favourite albums on my car display because there are too many). Did not pay attention to the album order like richard_rubenstein but I will on my next trip.
So far I am very happy with this feature!

Update 3/2:
I understand the library is only limited to ‘most played’. Searching certain artists by using the alfabet button did not show all albums in my library.

Perhaps it’s an unfortunate coincidence, but there seems to be a service issue in Roon’s cloud infrastructure for ARC at the moment. There are lots of reports of “Poor connection” or “ARC not working” on the forum today.

ARC and ARC for Android Auto are not working for me at the moment…

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Used it on the way into the office this morning and it’s a brilliant addition.

I did note that when I pressed ‘Playlists’ it was empty - not sure if I didn’t give it long enough to present the list. When I switched to an album to play it came up quick and streamed fine,

Well done Roon team.

I had same problem with beta also. Playlist didnt load fast enough. Reinstalled today non beta version and then opened arc on phone checked if my playlists are loaded. Took a bit time to sync again. When i started arc in car with android auto the playlist seemed to load fairly quickly.

Android imposes a limitation on how many items we can display in a list, and it is very difficult to implement changing of sorts on the AA app itself, so we’ve basically had to choose a sort which would be sensible and get most users to music they would likely want to listen to at the top of each list. Thus, both albums and artists are both set to “Most Played”.

For future improvements here, I wanted to investigate a way to allow you to change the sort, and potentially other display options which would allow us to fit more of your library on to these browsers. The thing is—there’s a trade off between showing you all 3,000 artists you may have VS making stuff you’re likely to want easily visible and playable in the fewest amount of clicks.

In an ideal world, how would you want these lists to be sorted? How important is it to change the sorts?

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Thanks Geoffe, yep this is an infrastructural issue. We’re tracking it and working on a fix ASAP. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Sorry to hear this was your experience :frowning:

It would be helpful to know:

  • What exact time were you experiencing these issues?
  • Was the issue ARC and Android Auto or just AA?


Thank you for the quick response.

For ‘Artists’, I would certainly want the sort by name. Although that sort may not be so critical since you can do an A-Z search and then quickly find the artist you are looking for. However, not all albums that I have in Roon show up for a given artist. I’m a big Bob Dylan fan and have 25-30 albums in Roon (from both Qobuz and my own local library) and only 5 of those albums show up when I bring up Bob Dylan albums on AA. It does appear that all 25-30 are in ARC on my phone, just not in AA.

As far as a sort for albums, I would use whatever the ARC app uses, which in my case is ‘date added’. When I get into my car, I am looking to listen to albums I’ve recently added. This is the way Qobuz does it in their app and Tidal and Spotify in theirs.


I just tried Arc in Android Auto, but it seems to be stuck in Offline Mode,. As I have no downloads I have nothing to play. 5G connection was OK on the phone and Arc wS not setup as offline only.
Maybe I need to reset when I get home.

The problem is not 4G but more likely your setup at home. Either the machine hosting Roon server is lacking, your local network is lacking, your internet subscription is lacking, your available bandwidth is lacking or a combination of any of these factors.

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I tried ARC in my car today. It’s a 2023 XT4 Cadillac and I use a Samsung S21 5G+.

Worked like a charm. All I tried to do was play a large playlist but I had no issues at all.

I have used this in my Ram truck and my wifes Jeep Grand Cherokee…this is awesome!

The visual layout and ability to quickly find new stuff is great.

Thanks Roon team!

I tried it yesterday (in the offline mode = music I downloaded before).
Two things to say:

  1. In some cases I have a low cover resulution on my phone (pixel 5) → see screenshot
  2. I have no cover pictures in my car (Hyundai Ioniq 5)