Roon Arc on Android Auto [Done]

I have been using android auto for past 4 years daily and hopefully they add ARC support also soon :slight_smile:
It is actually needed for safe driving. been trying to use arc in car but its not safe manually changing tracks from phone. So kudos to roonlabs doing it, you may save lives adding this feature.

I use ARC on occasion but my usage would really take off it supported Android Audio. It’s YouTube music (or Tidal or Qobuz) in the car until then.

Yes! The lack of Android Auto support means that Roon ARC is basically useless for me. I’ll be uninstalling it until I hear there is support for the one place I listen to music outside of my house - my car.


I would love Roon ARC to work with Android Auto. Using the Qobuz app is just utterly miserable.

I would like to add my voice to this…

Android auto would let me stop using plexamp in the car…

Thanks for support and your development…

Android Auto, oh where art thou Android Auto?
Even lossy roon arc sounds better than lossless apple music in the car.
Please give us android auto!!!

I am also interested in seeing roon arc working on aa in my car. So +1 for it!

It’s coming guys…!

Recently I got wireless AA up and running through a usb dongle. Great! Now next big thing after ARC would be Roon app for AA. Can’t wait :grin:.
I would like to say thanks to the Roon team. What a great product you’re offering. It completely changed my way how I explore and enjoy music.

Same here, looks good but would use it 90% of the time in the car on Android Auto
please ?!

AA is in development and soon-ish expected in earlyrelease testing

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Is this official? Its dang dangerous listening to arc in the car without AA.

It’s in testing


Carplay is out. Why does Android always get the 2nd class citizen treatment…

Because Apple has few and well-defined hardware models and OS versions, while Android has a zoo of current and outdated OSes that are modified by each manufacturer on a thousand hardware platforms. Apple is simply much easier to support, like it or not.

But don’t fret, Android Auto is now in earlyrelease testing as I wrote above your post. If you want to, you can join earlyrelease, try it out, and give your feedback


So I downloaded the beta version and …it works! So far ive put on 2 hours of driving on it. Voice control works ( this is great) and there were no glitches during the entire ride.
My only concern so far is that sound quality seems to have dropped a notch or two. The music sounds more strident. It could be the fault of the head unit having to deal with more processes but I hope there will be a solution for this.

Installed the updated Roon ARC, setup my home firewall per instructions and need an update for my Ford SYNC 3 app in the car. My first impression is limited data on the screen. I have only albums, artists and playlists that could be my 2020 LCD display. There is a delay compared to running straight Tidal or Qobuz through the phone. Overall, it works, sounds great and I need some more time to play with it.

As the feature request is implemented, I doubt it gets checked often. Feedback is better placed here:

Or in a new #support topic of your own

Android Auto on my 2021 BMW works with my Pixel 6a for maps, Pandora, messaging, and so on. I installed Arc after it was released and was pleased to be able to listen to my library. It worked that one time. Subsequently the interface comes up, shows content, but nothing will play. The UI times out and nothing will play. My core is up and running. Arc is configured and claims to be working. I can test it at home by disabling WiFi and reaching the core via my cell phone carrier (that should approximate a remote session). Works fine. But in the car, nothing. I’m going to keep playing around with the car settings and Arc to see if I can figure out what the problem is. At the moment my only hypothesis is that the WiFi in the car is preventing the phone from connecting to the cell network. Yet other network based apps seem to work normaly. Deep breath.
Interestingly it works with my wife’s iPhone. :frowning: