Roon ARC for Apple Carplay [On Roadmap]

Hi There
Really great have all my music available wherever i am. GREAT.
Was already looking for this solution for a long time.
One question. Will Roon ARC suitable for Apple Carplay. Sounds great to have my music expierence on the road!!!


Works great. :+1:t2:

Basic functions of using the ‘now playing’ screen. But, will get updates in due course.

Even without full CarPlay support, it already integrates nicely.

Okay, gonne try it again… It wasn’t working recently…

It may or may not work. Carplay functionality is not unused in this release but is on the roadmap.

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Hi There
I can play the music on my apple Car play… Yahoo, i love it. All my great music on the road.
What doesn’t work (jet i hope) is that i can select my music on the car screen. Now i have to find my music on my cellphone and start playing it
It would make me very happy when i can select my music on my car screen :wink:

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This is Roon ARC on my iPad 8th Gen connected by 3.5mm to aux in, with CarPlay on my iPhone for navigation. I’m using a FiiO KA1 DAC. Roon ARC and DAC both indicate it’s playing 24/192, but driving down the highway I doubt you would tell any difference versus CarPlay 24/48. It does sound good sitting in the garage.

Very nice but totally illegal in the UK, so lets hope they release a version with carplay soon :slight_smile:

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Yep. While this works, it’s not a very good use of my Verizon cellular data plan. My iPhone has unlimited, unthrottled data, so it’s best to use it with CarPlay for streaming music and Google Maps navigation.

I mostly use my iPad(s) for providing hotspot data to my Dell laptop at my destination. I think 24/48 via CarPlay is sufficient in the car. I’ll use Roon ARC until/unless it craps out, then switch to Apple Music.

So as you’ve discovered you are able to use ARC’s transport controls in most bluetooth devices and CarPlay.

As for a proper CarPlay app for ARC—it’s already underway :wink:


Awesome! Can’t wait!

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+1 voor Carplay support !!

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Yes, a big +1 here as well for Carplay support!

I’m a very happy user of ARC already, great step forward for Roon.

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+1! More full-featured CarPlay support would be awesome! It works as it stands but it’s not all there, i.e. you can’t choose tracks or see extra detail. Those would be awesome.

Illegal? Hahahaha. WTH?

I prefer using microSD cards in my 2 cars – and not fussing with or being distracted by car play. Also, car play is limited to 24/48 resolution files, as is the iPhone. [I’m still trying to ascertain whether the same is true for the DACs in my cars.]

Touching/operating a handheld phone while driving is not allowed in many places.

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Correct. Even touching it while operating a vehicle is not allowed here (Netherlands).