Roon ARC freezes and crashes on iOS

Update 6

  • Roon Core 2.0 (build 1193) on ROCK/RoonOS 1.0 (build 256)
  • iPhone 12 with iOS 16.2 and Roon ARC 1.0.9 (build 128)
  • Internet/WAN: DSL 260 Mbit/s down & 42 Mbit/s up

no progress
Roon ARC still freezes and crashes on my iPhone, even when connected by WiFi and with nothing playing.

Please fix bugs before adding new features as Car Play. :pray:

Removing and re-installing Roon ARC helped in my case :+1: (Thanks to @shinyc )
It runs for about 45 Minutes now.

RoonLabs should improve the app update process. The current behavior is not customer friendly and leads to negative experiences with the service.


Hi @Henrik_Lampe,

Diagnostics from Roon ARC show regular backgrounded processes failing in the app due to low memory on the iPhone. There are two possibilities we’ll need to investigate:

  1. There is an open ticket, as I’ve mentioned, into a potential memory leak or feedback cycle that can occur with larger databases that should otherwise be within the available capacity of contemporary major market phones. In these cases, the resources available to ARC from the phone don’t meet the app’s ballooning requirements, and key processes begin to fail, including diagnostic logging. However, the key diagnostic traces associated with this potential memory leak are not present in your logs, so there’s a second and more likely possibility.

  2. What other apps are taxing the phone’s available resources when you encounter network failures in ARC? When you experience freezing and crashing, have you been playing local files, streaming, or both?

ARC will cache certain data in order to perform well during periods of low or transitioning connectivity. Reinstalling the app will clear this cache, relieving memory pressure. Logs from today show that memory pressure returns within about forty-five minutes, as you’ve reported. Are you downloading local files during this time?

Specifically, out-of-memory errors begin to crop up when the phone requests metadata from Roon’s servers. This is an example of how a large volume of local tracks stored on the phone can sometimes interfere with processes within ARC even if the phone has sufficient storage to maintain the files; additional files within a database can exponentially increase the network load on ARC, triggering these errors when memory seems available.

We’ll certainly pass this along to the team, and we’re working to streamline the update process. Feel free to post in #feedback if you’d like to maximize the impact, as the team frequently reads that section. Thank you!

Hi @connor ,
thanks for taking care.

I am using Roon ARC as a streaming service. I have no dowloaded local music files on my iPhone. During my tests I tried to play music stored on my NAS and managed by my Roon Core. I do not used content from Tidal (Streaming with the Tidal app on my iPhone is problemless). I can not answer the first question about the resources. I think there is nothing special: MS Teams, MS Outlook, Apple Mail, Telegram, Signal.


How can we narrow down this issue? Can I help any further?

Hi @Henrik_Lampe,

Thanks for the clarification. In that case, we’ll need to take the investigation deeper on our end, as these symptoms are unique. Since we’ve begun this thread, have you experienced any broader network issues in Roon Remote outside of ARC?

We’ll sync internally today and let you know what the team finds. I appreciate your patience so far!


Hi @connor

Roon Remote (Control Point) runs without any problems on my iPhone and on my iPad.

From my perspective there are no network issue: Roon ARC connects every time to my Core (on WiFi and mobile network). Freezes occur when I navigate in the app, even without streaming/playing music.

Success! :clap:
I was able to use Roon ARC during the weekend without any problems.
Tested on site with WiFi and outside with LTE. Even in the car (fast driving on the Autobahn) was no problem.


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