Roon ARC improvement suggestions


I’ve a few recommendations / improvements / suggestions for ARC. I’ve the Dutch languagepack.

Device: iPhone 13 iOS 17.0.1
ARC: 1.0 (214)

  • When renaming a playlist the titel bar says ‘Artiest hernoemen’ (Eng: Rename Artist), while it should obviously say ‘Afspeellijst hernoemen’ (Eng: Rename Playlist).

  • When downloading tracks onto your device from within a playlist, you can’t ‘offload’ them from your playlist. You can remove the tracks from the playlist itself, but they remain downloaded? It would be nice to see an option to undownload them in the list. Upper right corner there are …, you can only remove all tracks from the download folder, not individual tracks.

  • In your playlist, you can’t filter your tracks to sort on artist, A-Z, and so on. You can only manually move tracks within the playlist. The last added track to a playlist appears at the bottom of the list, while the bulk of the tracks of a particular artist are listed elsewhere. For example: When Phil Collins is last added to my playlist, it’s located below Whitney Houston. You should be able to sort your tracks.

  • When adding individual tracks to my playlist, you can’t bulk-select a bunch of them. You have to individually select them and add the track to the playlist using the menu. You can add the complete album to a playlist, but not bulk-select tracks within an album itself.

  • When creating a playlist and downloading all the tracks, ARC is pretty slow and when my iPhone screen automatically turns itself off, ARC doesn’t continue the downloads. It only downloads tracks when the screen is kept on. My files are FLAC in 192/24.

  • When removing tracks from the playlist, ARC says the track is being removed, but it still remains on the list. You have to swipe out the app from your iPhone memory in order for the removal to take effect.

Hope you’re able to address these issues. Thanks.

Best to post this in Translations

Apparently, according to many posts on this subject, this is normal for 3rd-party apps on iOS. Apple’s walled garden

  • I posted this all in one topic, so it doesn’t clutter the forum. I assume people read the suggestions from customers.
  • Great that they are addressing the performance of ARC in combination with iPhone
  • It’s not an iOS issue, because there are third-party apps that continue while the app is not active on screen. Saying it’s an Apple-ecosystem issue, is too easy without proper research. From what I have seen, it’s an ARC thing, really.

We are assured that Roon reads all topics in #feedback, but the translations are provided by volunteer users and they typically read #roon:translations. Somebody will usually update it quickly.

About the background downloads, I am just reporting what lots of usually knowledgeable Roon & iPhone users said; I don’t have an iPhone myself (yet). It’s possible that other apps may have special dispensations from Apple but if it can be improved for ARC it would be all the better.

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I would agree based on the app-specific settings that iOS offers. In particular “Background App Refresh” suggests that background syncing should be possible. At the same time, I do understand that there could be a technical different between syncing a few messages MB of messages vs syncing dozens of GB of music.

I suppose the documentation is here. It doesn’t spell out hard limits but has some limitations that may (I don’t know) affect ARC:

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Well, hopefully someone comes along and informs that these issues are addressed or at least considered…

As shown in the other current thread, the Qobuz app works the same (has to be in the foreground and the device unlocked)

How come the playlist in ARC aren’t alphabetized? What a pain to scroll through randomly sorted playlist?
Why not add a sort?

Also, I’ve had playlist that wouldn’t play at all, I had to delete and re-add.

Large playlist will randomly quit playing.

This is all basic stuff, maybe focus on fixing the basic things for a change.

Where is ARC getting the playlist from? I have 3 downloaded playlist on my phone, that show up when I’m on my phone, but don’t show up when I use ARC in the car. Other playlist are there, but not the new ones.
I’m choosing the playlist from the Downloads, and not attaching to the Nucleus.