Roon ARC - inconsistent streaming outside of home network

Roon Core Machine

Roon ROCK on a NUC (one of the recommended models, I forget which) connected over ethernet

Networking Gear & Setup Details

draytek vigor 130 connected to unifi edge router x and all ethernet to my rock. port 55000 manually port forwarded to the rock. Connectivity from the internet confirmed using a port scanner. ISP Vodafone UK.

Description of Issue

I am having issues playing music via Roon ARC outside of my home network. ARC can connect, my library is displayed etc and on a few occasions it has been able to play tracks but the usual behaviour is once I try to play I get a message about poor network connectivity and nothing happens. If I start streaming on my home wifi then disconnect music continues to play but does stop after a while. If I try to queue a new album at this point it never plays. I have reset ARC (both whilst on and off WiFi), uninstalled ARC etc to no avail. I have been streaming without issues. I have changed ISP however none of my kit has changed, this time period also coincided with some Roon ARC updates (android auto for instance) and I did change the port I was forwarding from some random port to 55000.

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