Roon ARC non functional on Shanling M7 and other bugs

Connected Audio Devices

Samsung S21 Ultra → ifi IDSD Diablo
Shanling M7

Description of Issue

Loving the idea of Roon ARC so far, but I’ve encountered 2 issues thatprevent me from truly enjoying ARC. For one, I am 100% unable to play any music on my Shanling M7, everytime I try to play something, the track will load for about a minute, then the error “Playback: Internal error” appears. This haoppens for all songs. As for the Samsung S21 Ultra, it will play music, but only in a maximum of “high quality” mode even when the audio is beingpolayed through the external DAC listed above in the audio devices section. Anyone have any ideas of what’s going on?

Kind of bummed to see no updates on this, was really looking forward to using ARC.

Hi @snakeoilsalesman

My apologies. It seems you were lost in the shuffle and for that, I am truly sorry. Your response here triggered a notification thankfully.

I would like to take a look at your logging for this issue. Can you duplicate the issue and give me a date/time/track played to allow us to investigate? I should be able to take a look at this with our development group and get us some answers.


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Hi Wes,
So the issue for both devices persists across all songs, it doesn’t matter if they’re local, Tidal, or Qobuz, and bitrate/MQA status. I most recently tried this the other day, and still having the same issue.

Many Thanks!

Hi @snakeoilsalesman,

Does any of this work on WiFI?

I wish it was easy to look for problems but it’s not. We’d have to comb through thousands of lines of code to find something. Can you please try and play something while not on WiFi and let me know the date/time/track played?

Negative, the issue persists across cellular and wifi, LAN and WAN.

Arc doesn’t currently support anything higher than 48/24 even with dacs on Android, that’s changing but it’s not out yet. There are other users with same issues on Shanling daps, as they use a modified android os it’s hard to know what the issu is and is up to them to fix as it’s likey something in their code causing it. You will still have the same audio restraints if I’d did work as it’s an Android OS as well. I believe support have been involved in these other threads.

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They just released in early access USB DAC feature. Try it out on the Sammy.

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just gave it a spin, unfortunately there was no improvement, still shows its transcoding to a lower sample rate

What on ARC? You updated both core and app to the early access version and enabled USB DAC in the settings? Have original set for the playback settings? It’s not available on the main app only ARC early access. If you have done all this and it’s not working then post on the early access forum to say it’s not working quoting your DAC and device.

ill try again, yes on ARC

It’s in the latest main release build now.

looks to be all good on the samsung now! Still bummed about the Shanling though, guess thatll just have to have a clone of my library for on the go use

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I am sure it will come eventually, but Shanling need to sort out whats causing the issue likely a port thing they block or something to do with their audio chain. I could never get my DAP run UAPP UPnP renderer properly would kick the conection after a while if the dap went in standby. But DAPS are not bit perfect yet they are looking at that though. Its only USB connected dacs currently.

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I do know that during the course of testing for ARC’s pre-release that there were some DAPs that didn’t fare well. Mostly due to system resource limitations.

I’m glad you’ve gotten it working on your Samsung!


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