Roon Arc not always loading in Android Auto


Just switched from iOS CarPlay to Android 14 and am now experiencing an issue with Roon Arc in Android Auto.

When I plug my phone into the car, Roon Arc will fail to load on the Android Auto screen, displaying a perpetual loading animation. I can control the music on my phone while it plays through the car speakers.

If I disconnect my phone, force stop Roon Arc and plug it back in it loads as expected and I can control and browse on the car screen. This works until I disconnect my phone.

I have cleared cache, data, uninstalled and reinstalled Roon Arc to no avail. I have also forgotten my car and re-connected it.

Is there a setting I should change or am I experiencing a bug? I did not experience this issue when using iOS 17.

I’m using:
Android Auto v. 12.1.642224-release
Roon Arc v. 1.0.53
Android v14, build AP1A.240305.019.A1 (Pixel 8 pro)

Thank you for your help!

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Hi @Ghotisnax,

Thank you for the report. Do you have an approximate timestamp of when this last occurred? We will pinpoint the event with development. Thanks!

Good morning and thanks for getting back to me!

As I recall it was about 1050am, June 21st the last time I needed to force stop to get Roon Arc working in the car.

Then, frustratingly, it worked all the rest of the day in the car.

Roon Arc did chew through my battery yesterday, running almost 8 hours background despite not playing any music.

I’m not feeling very helpful. Is there any more information I can get you?

Hi @Ghotisnax,

Thank you for your patience awaiting a response. Here’s what we’ve learned from diagnostics in the meantime:

  1. There are transcoding failures due to corrupt media in ARC. In at least one case, these occurred while the phone was connected to Android Auto. This either means the track has reached ARC in an unexpected format or the track file itself is corrupt. It might be worth investigating whether you have certain library files that fail to play in Roon Remote as well. I’d also re-download content to ARC if you have content on the phone itself or re-install the app to resync the database.

None of the above is highly relevant to your reported issue.

  1. We do see logs suggesting that ARC failed o connect to Android Auto because it hasn’t released connection to another audio output. These are more likely associated with your reported symptom. Have you experienced any Android Auto failures with ARC more recently?

Thanks again.

@connor !

Thank you for getting back to me. I really appreciate you and the team taking a look at the diagnostics.

For the past 10 days I have not experienced the issue I reported. But with point #2, I have also not being using headphones in and out of the car either.

It would make sense to me that the multiple audio output destinations could have caused an issue. If I experience the forever loading screen again, I’ll review the devices I was recently connected to.

Thank you so much!

Hi @Ghotisnax,

We’re eager to investigate reports of erroneous behavior, especially as the ARC team is currently working hard to improve Android Auto/CarPlay.

Please let us know if this issue returns in a new topic thread and we’ll follow up there. Thanks!