ROON Arc - Not making a connection


ROON Arc on my iPhone 12 Pro has no connection with the ROON Core I’m using. ROON Core is a 2021 MacBook Pro 14".

What next, please?

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Sjors :netherlands:

The Fritzbox screenshot looks like you allowed automatic port forwarding configuration by UPnP. That’s the Independent Port Sharing, which is an UPnP allowance only for individual devices, such as the MacBook.

This would be a proper way to do it. However, the allowed devices haven’t asked for the rule to be created, which is why it says “0 enabled”.

Strangely, you have two entries there for the MacBook, with two different IP addresses. Questions:

  • What is the IP address your MacBook really uses? You should see that when clicking the Home Network category in the sidebar of the Fritzbox page.
  • What error message are you getting in the Roon app > Settings > Roon ARC?

I’m unable to connect to Arc this morning too. I’m having other issues connecting to Roon search in the desktop app. I believe it is on Roon’s side…

Please open a new topic in #support and fill out the template. Most likely, your issue is completely different than the one in this topic which is about initial ARC setup and configuration

Suedkiez, Now it has been fixed I believe thanks to a moment of clarity in my brain :slightly_smiling_face: Thank you anyway.

They were Ethernet and Wi-Fi and now I’ve quit the Wi-Fi and I’m just using the wired Ethernet connection for Sharing. That’s the IP Address shown in the Screensaver.

It’s working for me now. Thanks again. :pray:


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Great, enjoy :slight_smile:

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I apologize. My issue was unrelated. My router rebooted over night and the new IP address I was assigned was blocked by Cloudflare. I rebooted and got a new IP and everything works now.