Roon Arc not working properly in my car

Roon Core Machine

Intel Nuc

Networking Gear & Setup Details

My car is an android auto compliant vehicule (peugeot).
My samsung gs10 is connected over usb to the car system

Description of Issue

  1. When I play an album the next tracks are not played.
    Example: I start to play the album, first track is played on the car system. At the end of the track, the next track is not launched automatically.
    Here is the screen of the device:

    It seems it is searching for something. But what?
    Then, I can swicth tracks manually, but it is not that convenient when driving… by pressing on the next button.
    When using Qobuz app, I dont have such an issue. I CAN EVEN SELECT TRACKS FROM THE ANDROID AUTO INTERFACE.

  2. compared to Qobuz app.
    When I use GPS and listen to music the same time:

  • with Qobuz app, the sound is lowered when navigation uses vocal notifications (“turn left”)
  • with ARC app, the sound is switched off when vocal notifiactions are necessary. Less elegant…


The current version of Roon ARC is designed strictly for mobile devices is not designed for Android Car or Apple CarPlay. Roon is evaluating when and how to do this but have not committed to a schedule for either platform yet. I have similar functionality as you with CarPlay, it works generally but is not a native CarPlay app yet.

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But I am not using android auto with it… just plugging my device on the system…

Cant use it in car
Cant use it in poor radio conditions
No need so far
Qobuz is way ahead

I don’t think that there is any reason to be rude, it was explained above that this is a system in progress.

Patience is a virtue, and no one is forcing you to use it.

Right no need to be rude, I modified my previous message to stay objective.

Thank you, much appreciated.

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