Roon Arc not working with IPhone and hearing aid

Roon Core Machine

iPhone 13 Pro IOS 16.0

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected Audio Devices

Bernafon Viron 9 connected with Bluetooth through IPhone

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

When the hearing aids are connected to the IPhone nothing will be played. I get a false (error) sign promted. Acc foto’s

When I use IPhone without hearing aids or with cabled EarPod everything works flawless as it should be.

I guess there is a buck in the software with connection to “low capacity” Bluetooth where the hearing aids are connected. This is a special kind type of connection from Apple. Specifically for hearing aids and some other equipment

Having the exact same problem with Resound One (which I have on home demo) Phonak works as a normal Bluetooth speaker but the Resound are controlled via the accessibility > Hearing Aids part of settings rather than the Bluetooth setting.


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It needs a software update I guess.
It is not clear for me if Roon is working on this item. And or is reading this message.
Please support department of Roon give a reply so that it will be clear.

Is it a Roon problem, or an Apple problem ( Bug)

Hi @Arie_van_der_Beek,

I’m sorry for your trouble. I’ve worn hearing aids since 1991 and only recently have I discovered the joy of BT-enabled hearing aids and I utilize these features daily.

All of that said, the way some hearing aids connect via Apple accessibility rather than BT is indeed a missing feature of Roon. I can attest that we are working on this for you and many others like you so please keep your eye out.


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