Roon ARC on Mac with Apple Silicon

I LOVE Roon 2 and you have done an amazing job making it work as easy as it is. Kudos to you all!

Since Roon ARC runs on my iphone 14, it should be able to run on Macs with M1 chips. I understand its not that simple though …

If I take my Mac outdoors, setup a personal hotspot with my iPhone (1 click, works flawlessly), will I be able to access Roon at home from my Mac?

If not, I hope you have this high up on your feature list for Roon 2.0 :smiley:


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works fine on m1

Is there a Mac app for M1 Macs? I can’t find it.

Mac with M1 works like regular mac .

No, I understand that. I’m asking if there is a Mac app, as opposed to an iOS app.

There is no Roon ARC app for the Apple Silicon Macs or for any Macs, Windows, or Linux systems.

Do you mean roomcore for mac m1.

Nope - the new Roon ARC app - I want my office Mac to access my home Roon Core. I see iOS and Android apps, but not Mac apps.

works for me on my android phone

Roon ARC, for the time being, is a mobile platform app. And not as in laptop mobile……phone and pad mobile.

As I suspected - thanks!

And I was asking whether there are plans for that?

Perhaps its also possible to stream from the mobile to the macbook speakers and play that way?

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It’s technically possible, although I’m not sure I see the use for it.

For example, you can configure your Roon Core (I’ve got one on a desktop computer at home, running Roon Desktop). That computer is feeding the Roon Arc app on my mobile phone, and from this mobile phone I can AirPlay the sound to my laptop at the office. You can also locally store the music in your Roon Arc app, instead of streaming it from the Roon Core at home.

But in this case, I have the same music library on the laptop as I do on the dekstop computer at home.

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There’s a bit of confusion in this thread I think.

The latest MacBooks have either M1 or M2 chips. These can natively run iOS apps that, ordinarily, can only run on iPhone or iPad. Hence, you can run an iPhone app natively from your MacBook desktop.

Hence, we should be able to run Roon ARC iPhone app on MacBook desktop.

This, to me, is a superb use-case as I’m often away from home and I don’t always want to run down my iPhone battery if I’m primarily sat at a desk.

Alas, I cannot see Roon ARC in the App Store from my MacBook even when I search for iPad/iPhone apps (which Apple let you do). The developer has to specifically opt out of allowing this which means that the Roon team have decided we shouldn’t be able to do this even though Apple’s system makes this perfectly workable. Be interesting to know why.


Has anybody tried Roon ARC on an iPad with either M1 or M2 chips?

It’s not support on iPads yet, although some have run the phone app on it with some caveats I believe.

I’ve got it on my iPad Pro 13" (not the M1 version the one before that). It works as it should (including in both landscape and portrait modes - I think it’s the only tablet that does that correctly).

Just checked Apple Store and Roon 2.0 is (now) listed for both iPhone and iPad.

That’s why I was asking about iPads with M1 or M2 chips - maybe Roon 2.0 is not available for them yet?

That’s only true if the developer explicitly enables it / allows you to do this. It’s not because a device runs on the same chip architecture, that all apps will magically work. In this case, it won’t, nor is it possible to do so. That said, it would be great feature request. In fact, I believe there already is one for that.

Works fine on my M1. As of this current build, Roon is no longer on the old code base.

Aren’t you refering to Roon Server / Remote? We’re talking about Roon ARC.