Roon ARC on Tablets (iPads and Android) [On Roadmap]

Hi, Putting in request for a Roon ARC app to be available on iPads.
Would face similar design obstacles to Roon ARC on Windows.

My guess is if the design work is done for iPads then it would be similar to how the Windows interface would work / look.



It works on iPad, just doesn’t fill up the screen.

Hoping for it to have proper scaling like the Roon Remote App.

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It will, when they release an iPad app.

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As they have mention. ARC is meant for mobile phones (on the go).

My iPad Mini 6 works well in my car. And, I can plug it into the USB port without triggering CarPlay if I don’t want CarPlay. As an aside, Tidal Masters uses less cellular data if that’s a concern. I have both WIFI and cellular set to “Original Format” in Roon ARC with volume leveling turned off.

Roon ARCs mission is for all your music to be available everywhere you go.
iPads are portable mobile devices which fits what Roon ARC is trying to achieve.

Whilst currently it is for mobile phones, hopefully it is used as a starting point for other portable devices being able to run Roon ARC in the future.


We’re already working on ARC for tablets. It’ll be coming in a future release.


Enjoying ARC working flawlessly on IPhone. Are there plans to develop an Arc app for the Ipad? I’m not a fan of using phone sized apps on Ipad.

I second this as its much easier on the eye on a tablet

Read the thread title. :slightly_smiling_face:


So can we expect landscape mode on tablets? I miss this option on Samsung Galaxy Tab S6.

Regards, Sławomir.

any news or way to track this ? i m on the move with my pad + amp :slight_smile:

I’m also waiting for this to happen, using a iPad → Mojo2 at work

Any news on the IPad version of the ARC app? This is the only feature I am actually missing in roon.

Hi, welcome to the Forum.
Roon never comment on their development schedule.
Though I was very please to read that Roon confirmed a tablet version of ARC is in the pipeline.

That’s because it’s an iPhone app, not an iPad app (as is being requested)

Of course, that’s the point of this thread.

I would like to know if an iPad version is planned for Arc. I would very much welcome that.
Best regards
Jürgen Weissmann