Roon ARC 'Poor connection' when playing Tidal on cellular

I cut down my setup description to the parts that are relevant to this issue.

Roon Core Machine

Debian 11.6
Leftover PC Engines apu2 system boards
AMD Embedded G series GX-412TC

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Router: Fritzbox 3370 / OpenWrt 22.03.0-rc5
Core is connected to the router with a normal patch 6a cable.

Connected Audio Devices

Phone: Motoral Moto G6 (XT1925-5) with Android 9 PPSS29.55.37-7-10
Cellular: Alditalk (SIM cooperation is MEDIONmobile which uses ePlus and O2 networks)

Description of Issue

Roon ARC displays ‘poor connection’ with Tidal songs while using cellular data. Songs that i have saved on my Core machine are getting streamed over WIFI and/or cellular without a problem. It appears only with cellular only + Tidal.
If that helps i could run a tcp dump on my router to check if there are any incoming packages when i trigger this bug, but i doubt that would help as the communication with the core works as expected with local files.
I have tried it on another phone with another Alditalk SIM and it worked, it’s something about the Motoroal G6 phone. Yes i already reinstalled the app and also restarted the router.

As i am a software developer myself i would love to debug this myself, but i could not find any information about the error beside ‘Poor connection’. Maybe it would be a smart idea to enable something like a developer mode, so people who are able to could try to fix things on their own and/or provide some information to your dev team. Instead you just lament about the huge number of support requests… god knows why.

Hello, not sure if this is your issue but, turn off Automatically pick best quality. Select Original Format for WiFI and Celluar. That fixed my issue. On the Arc app. Jack

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In a fast test, this fixed it! I will test it outside in the next days. If that works i will mark your reply as a solution.

Thank you so far!

Okay, so far that is a working solution. But i noticed RoonARC now uses a lot of mobile data, i think internally now RoonARC streams Tidal song in HiFi quality. I don’t need that as my mobile headphones are not that good and also i don’t want to upgrade my mobile plan to get more mobile data.

So the bug can be summarized like that: RoonARC can’t stream Tidal tracks with lossy quality set.

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