Roon ARC responds with poor connection message

Roon Core Machine

Roonlabs Nucelus

Networking Gear & Setup Details

xDSL 120 Mbps DL/40 Mbps UL
Unifi Security GW
All Cat5 cabled

Connected Audio Devices

iPhone 13, latest iOS

Number of Tracks in Library

8600 tracks in 1300 albums

Description of Issue

since this morning 08:00 CET, Roon ARC app on iPhone responds always with poor connection and won’t connect to my core.

Seems that other folks might have the same problem around the globe. What I observed is, that while re-installing the app from Apple app store, it took more time to download than normally.

Else, the network connectivity to domains in Europe are working properly. Maybe there is a peering problem or so.


Hi @Stefan_Mauron,

Please accept our apologies for the late reply. The timing of your post corresponds to a known partial server outage that was affecting ARC’s ability to authenticate connections. We’ve resolved this issue and you should experience stable performance if the outage was to blame.

Are you still encountering this problem?

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