Roon ARC signal path on iPhone

Setup Roon Arc successfully on iPhone 12 mini/iOS 16 and been having a play. Works great, thanks Roon.

I have playback set to “Original Format” but noticed in the signal path that there is some conversion going on:

Is this an iPhone limitation or have I missed a setting somewhere?


That’s an Apple iPhone limitation. Plug in a DAC.

How are you getting sound out of the phone? I’m pretty sure iPhone resamples all audio output to 48 kHz. I see the same type of entry in my signal path if I play audio from the phone speaker. With a lightning->USB connector feeding the dac of some desktop speakers, the resampling drops out.

Understood, thanks for your replies.

Looks like I might be investing in a USB DAC then. I take it I’ll need some sort of Apple adapter? e.g. the camera adapter?

FiiO KA1 works well for me. No adapter needed.


The Apple adapter will allow you to use a standard USB cable.
Or you can get a Lightning to usb OTG cable and skip the adapter.
The FiiO OTG cable is working nicely for me.
I tried a couple from Amazon and they work but the connectors don’t fit as well as they might and I was getting disconnects if I was moving around.

Some usb dacs ship with a lightning OTG cable

Got the same problem even with iFi Go Bar and iPhone 11.

Are you sure you’re playing a lossless high resolution track? Set the resolution in the Roon ARC app to “Original Format” for WIFI and/or cellular. I do both.

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