Roon Arc - silent feature downgrade?

Roon Core Machine

Roon 2.0 (1211) on Docker/Unraid i3.9xxx server - 64 GB ECC blaba

Networking Gear & Setup Details

the usual stuff - No probs with that. It’s software related.

Connected Audio Devices

a lot (but connected with the “real” Roon; the mobile is Apple iPhone 12 with latest OS

Number of Tracks in Library

35.000 - not related

Description of Issue

What the heck? i just re-installed RoonArc (instead of another famous mobile APP for media playing) and … no options for downgrading size for download or playing via mobile connection like → “not more than 128 kbps”? Is this true or am i missing something? IOS app latest version freshly downloaded from Apple store. I clearly remember, this could be configured very extensively on older versions of RoonArc, but now?

Or am i blind somehow :blush:

Bandwidth Optimized playback still showing on my copy.

Playback…Uncheck Automatically pick best quality…Cellular Dropdown…Bandwidth Optimized

Check your settings


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