Roon Arc Staying Logged In (face id or remember me)?

My setup is working really well. However, the one thing that happens is that Roon ARC will sign out and there’s no way to simply use Face ID or even a “Remember Me” button so the user & password is always there and easy to sign in.

Is there any plan to add this functionality for ease of use?

Hmmm, after the initial ARC setup and login on my iPhone 12 Pro, I haven’t had to login again.

Have you “killed” (swipe up) the app?

It shouldn’t need sign in even after being “killed”
Open a support thread and fill in the requested system information

Yes, I killed the app so it wasn’t running in the background. :+1:

I just checked again, and ARC app opened fine without requiring I log in again.

I have had to login again once or twice even though I had not closed the app.
Not a huge deal but Face ID / fingerprint scanner would be nice. Not a deal breaker though

I’ve never had to log in again, even after killing the app on my iPhone, and even rebooting my phone.

I was out running errands and I got out of the car at one place. When I got back in, I was asked to sign in again. Then it didn’t ask for the rest of the evening. Could be a small bug. Nothing dramatic but it’s good to let the developers know it is happening

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Might want to post in the Support section to get help.

Is it possible to be signed in to ARC on two separate devices at once? I have done some tests at home and signs lead to yes but I want to make sure that is not causing the issue.

Yes you can, or more in fact.

Ok so that wouldn’t explain why I am disconnected.

Any mod can move this to the support page?

Probably best to open a new support request in the #support category of the forum and fill out the post template with full details of your setup. Thanks.