Roon ARC stopping playback of downloaded files in offline mode

Roon Core Machine

Mid 2012 13" Macbook Pro, 2.5 GHz Dual-Core Intel Core i5, 10 GB 1600 MHz DDR3

Connected Audio Devices

Connecting to Car Stereo via bluetooth

Number of Tracks in Library

ARC library downloaded files: 1 playlist of 1028 lossy track + 1 playlist of 758 ALAC 16/44.1

Description of Issue

Initially had no trouble playing ARC online and offline via bluetooth to my car stereo. Since updating to RoonARC1.0(59) and downloading 1000+ lossy track playlist ARC seems to stop/pause randomly even when playing from a smaller downloaded CD quality playlist. Every 4 or 5 songs part way through a track it just stops. If I press play it goes for a few seconds then stops again. The only thing I can do is skip to a new track. Frustrating as it was going so well.

Volume levelling is set to auto, playback is set to auto pick best quality. Offline mode is selected.

Hello @Warren_Green ,

Apologies for the delayed response here. Are you still seeing this issue at the present moment? How much free space do you have on your ARC device? Would you be open to deleting and re-installing the ARC app to see if that helps with this behavior? Do let us know when possible, thanks!

I have since tried deleting downloads, deleting app and reinstalling. Downloading a smaller (250 CD quality tracks) playlist. Unfortunately the issue remains. Every four or five tracks ARC seems to pause/stop for about 15 seconds then skips forward to the next track, and yet in the play queue it does not show as skipped. On my iPhone8 I have 128 GB of memory with 74GB free.

Sadly I have become so frustrated with it that I have deleted the app and set the listening port to 0 on core and gone back to using the stable and reliable Tidal app which allows me to download CD quality FLAC onto my phone without any issues.

I love the promise of ARC allowing me to offline my own library of CD and hiRes music, I’ll give another go in six months or so and hope all the teething problems get sorted out.

Many thanks for replying!

Hi @Warren_Green,

We resolved an issue not long after your post in which ARC would wipe out the queue under certain conditions. While we’re not positive, the symptoms you reported here suggest your local library might have fallen prey to this known bug. In any case, we’ve continued to incrementally improve playback stability for all filetypes and hope your experience will have proven a one-off.

I see recent activity in account diagnostics on your Core, but we’d love for ARC to also be available to you to enjoy your local content. If you’d like to give it another shot, we’re happy to help troubleshoot any residual teething issues, as you mentioned. Happy New Year!

Thanks @connor ,
I’ve installed ARC on my iPhone8 again. I have managed to login and connect with the core and play music, I’ve also downloaded a couple of albums, and a 750 track playlist of my own ALAC files. Everything seems to be fine but interestingly when I view ARC on the core under settings it is showing that ARC is not ready and will not be able to connect, however there is no diagnostic info showing. I’ll see how ARC goes outside of the house using mobile network and offline mode.

I’ve been using ARC on my iPhone8 for a week in both offline and online modes.
offline is working great and to be honest that is my main use for ARC, playing in the car.
Online I can’t connect on mobile network as 4G service is too slow. I’ve tried using the wifi at work but that also fails due to slow connection. At home I can connect via wifi effortlessly although the core still shows Not Ready as posted above.

Regardless of connection issues and core apparently not ready I am super happy I can down load my own music and play beautifully offline now.